The Gipsie Wonderer – Wild and Free

Old_gypsy_ladyUPDATE: I need to let anyone who is interested that I have not managed to actually get it on the road yet. I found out the Taurus had a bad set of struts and a whacked ball joint – in fact in the state of Vermont it won’t pass inspection though if I cross the state line it’s fine. I’ve been looking for a small RV truck but as of yet I haven’t managed to find one I can afford so I’m still in Vermont and have just been taking day trips. I am still going though as soon as I can.

I’m taking it to the road and this time I’m hoping to carry my home with me. I have taken the Taurus in and made sure it was good to go and this morning I went down to the DMV and switched my license and tags and everything over to Vermont which I will keep as my home base for now and am sorting and getting rid of stuff again; as I’ve said before if I can’t get it in my car or a small camper – I don’t need it.
I am planning on painting the car next week and have already ordered decals and bumper stickers – it’s going to be totally unique (just like me) and I have already finished the interior in pink and black leopard print seat covers and hippie pillows. I will send photos when I have finished so reserve you opinions until then please.
I am shooting for a departure date around September 15 – I’d love to visit Virginia
and North Carolina
(get ready, Roy) when autumn is reaching its peak and then on to Tennessee
and up into Indiana to check on Barbara with maybe a stopover in Akron before heading west. My alternate departure date will be October 6 (Ron’s birthday.
If I am still in the east around Samhain (Halloween) I’ll make a pilgrimage to Salem
I also want to make a trip to Roundtop, TX homebase for The Junk Gypsy Company
and a few other places before heading to Quartzsite Arizona “known as the “Desert Phenomenon”, Quartzsite is truly the gem of La Paz County. Situated 125 miles west of Phoenix at the junction of Interstate 10 and U.S. Highway 95, it enjoys a close association with the Colorado River, just 18 miles to the west.” This is where I intend to make Camp for the winter; check it out at
I’ll keep everyone posted



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