From My (Sometimes) Demented Mind


As the category suggests – this is where you can read samplings of my writing so I might as well begin with a plug. I have 1 published novel which can be purchased online at Amazon and other sites. Check it out here.

my novel
my novel

I am also working on 2 other novels and may at a later date post excerpts if anyone is interested, Okay I’m through plugging my books. Want a sample of a couple of my poetry offerings? The 1st is actually published in an anthology of poems by various authors titled ‘End Of Days’:

Do you know me?
Do you recognize me?
Am I some pale wraith or shadow you pass without seeing?
A nonentity whose sole purpose on this Earth is to do your bidding?
Well look again, because, I am much more.
I am Lilith of Ancient blood ties.
Myth has it I was the first wife of Adam, created from the same bit of clay as he. Beaten and cast out, not by Jehovah, but by him because I chose to follow my own counsel and stand as an equal. Denied even my name I still stood strong and my heritage, my example and my teachings are remembered to this day.
I am the midwife, the herbalist, some call me witch.
I was the teller of stories, the scribe of the tales and the histories of my village – My clan. When the Roman army swept across Europe I was among the first to be hunted down and slaughtered because I taught my people to carry on in the face of their tyranny. My strength, my courage, and my knowledge, kept them strong and with my dying breath I screamed “Better to die free, then to live on your knees”. My name is long forgotten but I am remembered still.
I am Joan de Arc, warrior, conqueror, hearer of voices, and martyr.
As a young girl in 1429 I disguised myself as a man and rallied the French against the English oppressor. Leading them to victory at Orleans, I was lauded as hero. Later my own people sold me to the British where I was tortured and found guilty of heresy and witchcraft. I went to the flames in 1431 with my head held high and to this day am remembered for my courage and strength, I was only 19.
I am a follower of the ‘Old Ways’, a simple peasant.
I lived by the cycles of the moon and sent prayers on the smoke of the Bale Fires to The Goddess. When the holy Roman Catholic Church declared ‘The Inquisition” I am one of many thousands of women who died by the rope, the flame and the quartering or stood tall and proud, bound hand in hand with 100’s of my sisters and as we were forced backwards off the cliffs into the sea. My name is long forgotten but my heritage lives on. A beacon for my sisters. My only crime was being woman.
I am the mother, and the lover of the men you have slaughtered.
I have wept over the graves of those you have torn from my arms and forced into battle or slave labor. Believing that ‘might makes right’ you have destroyed entire nations. Our way of life, our heritage, even our language you have striven to eradicate, I dry my tears and take up the fallen sword. Bloodied and beaten I will fight back until I too am cut down but I will not surrender. My name is Ela, daughter of the Earth
Do you still not know who I am?
Can you still not recognize me?
Do you still think I am here only to serve your purpose?
Open your eyes and see while you still can.
I am Woman
I am Strong
I am Free.

Martha ‘Gipsiecrone’ Bowman

and here is a tribute to The Goddess and The Elements:

I am vision
I am transformation
Standing on the precipice
I can view both past and future.

Time and hardships have burnt
Away the shroud
And I see clearly now
I am ready to step over.

As the Phoenix dies
Only to rise again from the ashes,
So does my spirit make ready to soar
Like smoke to the heavens.

I am The Mother of all
I am the forest
And the mountain, older then time
I am all living things both above and
I have nourished my children since the
Beginnings of life.
Forever have you known my power.
Pay attention,
Open your eyes. Before I die.

I am the gentle breeze of summer
that softly caresses your cheek
bringing soothing relief
to a weary soul.
I am the frigid blast of artic cold
I can bring death and renewal
with my icy breath
and send chills down your spine.
I am the hurricane;
strong, angry, and powerful.
When I speak
All men listen and bow down.
I am life itself.
None can exist without me
And yet
You continue to defile me.

I am the laughing brook
I am the life-giving rains
and the raging waters of the river
I am the tears, shed and unshed.
Like the oceans
I have nourished my children
since the beginnings of life
But now;
My Sisters call through the mists of time –
Come; join with us they sing
and as the oceans flows with the tides
so my spirit moves towards the crossroads.

I am Crone
I am Goddess
I am Free.

Martha ‘Gipsiecrone’ Bowman

Okay that’s it for now; if you want to see more – or if you don’t – email me or leave a comment. Thanks


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