Saying Goodbye To My Best Friends



I decided to stay up last night so I could witness the sight of a double moon in the night sky – which by the way – I missed.



While I waited I decided to go through some of my books to decide what to keep and what to donate to the library; I started 3 piles

  • Those to donate
  • Those to keep
  • Those I wasn’t sure about

and soon discovered the first pile was the smallest (so I started over).

By the time I should have been going outside I’d managed to reduce the third pile down to about 2 dozen books and my keep pile held about the same amount, my donation pile however now filled 4 milk cartons – I use them for bookshelves and I had managed to sidetrack myself thumbing through a copy of Mary Summer Rain’s ‘Whispered Wisdom’. My goal was to whittle my library down until everything that was left would fit in 1 milk carton (are you familiar with the phrase “to dream the impossible dream”) but I kept plugging away and finally around 4 this morning I’d managed to narrow my choices down to 15 books – a little over a carton but I made them fit – almost.

By the light of the moon I carried 6 1/2 cartons to my car and took them to the library where I dropped them and quickly drove off before I could decide to take one last look.



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