By The Hem Of My Skirts; With Help From A Case of Excedrin


I was going to call this post ‘By the Seat of My Pants’ but since I don’t wear pants I improvised.

When I decided to get this ‘Bohemian Dream’ (see definition below) out of my head and put it into action I had no idea what I was doing or even where to start. Would my Taurus even pull a trailer or camper? Could I find one I could afford that would have enough space to actually live in?  Was it safe for a woman my age to travel alone? Could I live on the road on my social security and if not how would I support myself? These were only a few of the questions rolling around in my head. I decided maybe a few of you out there might be facing a similar situation so here are a few pointers so maybe you won’t need to buy Excedrin by the case like I did.

Step 1: Stop Thinking and Start Doing

Every time I started making plans I’d find a dozen or more reasons why I shouldn’t go through with them; finally I said f**k it and went to the internet.

I found out a 2001 Taurus could easily pull 1500 pounds and despite what I’d been told you could attach a standard hitch to it. I also researched campers and popups and found that most of the smaller pop ups and even some of the smaller trailers were within the weight limits and came equipped with showers, toilets and kitchens and could be adapted to solar without major problems.


Step 2: Decide What You Want and What You Can Afford

Next make a list and separate it into 3 columns:

  1. What I can’t do without
  2. What I’d like to have
  3. What I don’t want

 Start with #1 – that should be easy – my list included a bath, no structural damage, windows and doors that close and lock, a source of electricity, etc.

Then go on to #2 – this should include things you’ll need or want but not right away like extra storage. internet, remodeling and decorating, and the list goes on – just remember you have limited space

#3 is perhaps the most important list – what you’d call deal breakers; things like holes, a bad floor, missing parts, and such. Be sure you’ve decided on your highest price.

Step 3: Jump In and Get Started

 Now, for the foot work. Go back to the internet and start checking RV sites and car lots, auctions, Craigslist, and anywhere else where they might have used trailers for sale. Do your homework and try to take someone smarter then you along – set a radius of 100 miles from Newport; then start calling and go see them. By the time you’ve seen maybe 1/2 dozen you should be ready to make a decision – after that you’re just PROCRASTINATING.

NOW Step 4: Go For It



OK! Now that I have offered everyone my unsolicited Crone advice I suppose I should tell you where I stand and what I’ve accomplished so far. With my Social Security this month I had about $700 left after I paid bills; I spent $280 getting the car tuned up and ready to go and another $230 switching my title, license and tags over to VT since my tags had to be renewed anyway. I’ve made an appointment for 9/11 to get a hitch installed which will set me back $250 and I’m going up to look at a 1987 Jayco pop up in the morning; the man wants $1500 but will take payments, I also have called about 2 more and hope to make a trip to Burlington next week to an RV dealers to check out what he has. I’ve also started packing and getting rid of stuff and with the hardest part done I am now working on my craft supplies and stuff.

Well that about catches me up I’ll talk with you soon and will keep you posted. Love you all.Old_gypsy_lady





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