My Brain Is Dead


My brain seems to be asleep or dead today;  I spent the day going through and sorting out the rest of my stuff and have thrown away or given away probably 1/2 of it. I can now get everything I own into the car if I have to and still have the front seat open for the kitten just in case I have to pick up the camper on the way. Now all I need is the camper and money to go on – out of next month’s check I have to get a hitch which is $250 if I get a new one and the papers on the camper and that’s not counting the money for or down on the pop up if I find one I can afford – I’m hoping to stay under $1000 and if I’m going to be here another until October my part of the rent and stuff has to come out of the $1237 too. Maybe I should take up a collection I’ll give you an address if anyone wants to contribute.

Seriously I can’t seem to get my thoughts organized this evening so I thought maybe I’d just send you a few of my favorite photos, messages, and affirmations from my Facebook page  ( ) and a little of my writing

10522552_10203183293755435_4430213493859704467_n   tumblr_lztw6oT2w31qfb6zyo1_1280



and here is another sample of my writing

A Message
The snow has stopped
the Full Moon has turned the landscape to silver
making everything look magical
all is quiet
I walk into the woods alone
down the path to my secret place
where I sit on a fallen log and wait
I commune with nature and
My Goddess
and I wait,
for what I am not sure
but I know the answer will come
I wait until I grow weary
and still I wait some more
my feet grow numb and my nose is froze
disillusioned I prepare to go
when to my left a deer appears
to silently commune with me
I rise to my feet with a grateful heart

And as I prepare to leave
A sprig of green falls at my feet
A piece of sacred mistletoe.

The bells will ring out freedom’s song
and the Mourning Dove shall sing
The Goddess will walk the Earth again
and all The Peoples be free.

The Earth will tilt in a blink of an eye
and the purging will begin.
Man will cry “Lord save us.”
as they witness The End of Days.
But The People will proclaim with joy
That it’s The Beginning not an end
They will lead a joyful procession
In returning to the truer ways
The bells will ring out freedom’s song
and the Mourning Dove shall sing
The Goddess will walk the Earth again
and all The Peoples be free.

OK I’m thru


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