Never Forget – Or Stop Fighting



In the post I wrote yesterday called Heroes Come In Every Shape And Size I mentioned I had several friends on Face Book that you should check out  well this morning I found myself scrolling through the page belonging to Ben Gunnell a Native American who judging from his taste in music and the things he is passionate about I’d say is about my age and though we have never met I consider him a friend – NO I consider him a brother in Spirit – we seem to think alike he from a Native standpoint and I from a Pagan and a Woman’s but we’ve managed to come together.

While I was scrolling I came upon something he posted from You Tube and thought WOW this is scary. I realize these videos were posted before 2012 (the end of the world scare) but a look back should remind us how many times America and the world have been on the brink.–5u8

imagesgg      fgh ghfr images 10394497_743810055664569_6333840901721417638_n

Each time so far enough people have opened their eyes and woke up in time to storm the gates so to speak but unless we keep fighting and more and more of us step up the inevitable will come.

It’s time to once again as the Doobie Brothers put it for us to be

and I’m afraid unlike the 60s this time we olde timers must lead the way, We need to get back on or soap boxes an put the flowers back in our hair and tell our children and grandchildren





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