Strictly Off The Top Of My Head


This is not the post I intended to publish but as often happens I do something and it reminds me of something else or something just pops into my head and I have to do something with it so this mornings post titled Never Forget – Or Stop Fighting reminded me of something I wrote a while back for an English Comp class. When I went looking for it I got side tracked with my poetry file so I thought I’d offer a few more of them so you can see what you think. I’d welcome your comments – as always.

It Stormed Last Night
It stormed last night
I watched as streaks of lightening
danced across the ebony sky.
The leaden weight of the air around me
Is gone
and with it the weight in my heart.
The water came down in sheets
washing everything clean
and I feel refreshed and renewed.
My gardens too have been renewed.
They show their thanks by raising bright, fragrant
blossoms to the heavens.
It stormed last night.

I used to think
that peace and
meant quiet
and solitude;
but once I listened
to a sunrise
I knew
How wrong I was.
I used to see the dawn
only with my eyes.
But now….
I see with my heart
And I know
The Miracles
Of life

When I was young I cried
I cried because as the only girl child
I was NEVER as good as my brothers
No matter how hard I tried.

I cried because while they played baseball
or went fishin’ and swimmin’
I helped cook and clean
and tried to be INVISABLE.

Everytime I cried they’d laugh
Then punch and kick and curse me
Until I didn’t cry anymore
beause it only made things WORSE

Then he decided it was time
to learn what being a woman meant
I didn’t cry because it hurt too much
and ANGER replaced my tears

For years I shed not a single tear
no matter how bad things were
Then he came along and showed me
what the power of LOVE could do

The flood gates opened, the tears flowed
I cried and then cried some more
HEALING tears rolled down my cheeks
until the anger washed away

Then the tears slowly ebbed
and finally they ceased to flow
Slowly I became whole again
and true JOY filled my soul

For years he made me HAPPY
through good times and through bad
He’d hold me whenever I’d cry
and kiss my tears away

When the fates took him from me
and I was hurting most
I had to be STRONG for everyone else
my tears I needed to hide

Now that I have reached old age
I no longer seem to care
what people will think if they see my tears

Come join us within the circle
On this All Hallows Eve
When the veil between the worlds is thin
And HECATE does ride the night
The women dance the circle round
Thrice and thrice again
Chanting as we move and sway
We beckon The Goddess in
Isis, Astarte, Dee-ana.
HECATE, Demeter, Kaa-li,
All aspects of the Crone
Now HECATE stands in the midst of us
Fearsome to behold
Powerful, strong and wise is she
She stirs the cauldron round
Nine times nine and
Nine times more
The smoke it starts to rise
Carrying messages through the veil
To loved ones on the other side
So Merry Meet and Merry Part and
Merry Meet again
May HECATE protect you all
On this All Hallow’s Eve.

OK that’s it for now and by the way I found the article I was looking for but it is quite long so I will post it separately .


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