WOMEN who were and are Heroes, Role Models, and Mentors



OK so maybe I’m a little late but but I want to recognize and honor labor activist and organizer Mary Harris Jones – more commonly known as “Mother Jones.” After two catastrophic losses—first, of her husband & children to yellow fever and then of her home & dressmaking business in the Great Chicago Fire—Jones joined the Knights of Labor. Jones was a fearless leader and talented orator. She was enormously successful in organizing mine workers and their families around the turn of the 20th century, which earned her the label, “the most dangerous woman in America.”

She is/ one of my role models of recent history -we need more women like her – strong, courageous, persevering. I could go on with more adjectives but you get my point.


Other women who have also helped to shape who and what I am are:

Marie Curie



A pioneer in the sciences, Marie Curie’s research led to such achievements as the discovery of polonium and radium and the development of the theory of radioactivity. Her life’s work earned her two Nobel Prizes and solidified her place in history as an icon in physics and chemistry.  Jennifer Hom

The Acer Women



Princess Diana



I could go on but I will instead give you a good lis from someone a lot smarter then I am and you can decide for yourself what you think.


There is one more person I need to mention though –  though she didn’t quite manage to make it to womanhood. Meet the girl from ECHO.


and I leave you with one final thought for all you women – and men who aren’t afraid of your feminine side.



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