You Got To Stand For Something


About once a month I go onto my petition sites and check out causes and petitions I want to raise my voice for or against and today was that day. During the process of doing this I temporarily got side tracked when I stopped to do some research on Factory Farming and animal torture for profit. What I saw and read appalled and shocked me a even brought me to tears. Let me just say I am not trying to convince anyone to give up meat and become vegetarian or anything – just make your voice heard loud and clear about the the cruel and inhumane treatment of the animals. The rest is up to you.

I have decided to share a few of these with you along with some petitions I have signed and hopefully you might sign in an effort to end these atrocities. We all need to stand up  for what’s right.

This first article is about the plight of the Angora Rabbit in China and since China has no animal cruelty laws PETA is asking everyone t fight by abstinence which in this situation is our only weapon (especially if we are very verbal about our objections)

This cruel industry will only end when the public refuses to buy or wear fur, so please, make sure you don’t end up with skeletons in your cupboards. The single most effective way of doing this is to avoid wearing fur completely, be it labelled as new, faux or vintage. As the saying goes, it really does look better on the animal! – See more at:


The second site is one I posted on FB earlier today and the comments have been non stop. The question is asked “Is eating bacon worth this?” Judge for yourself


 And don’t by any stretch of the imagination think animals fare any better in the beef,  poultry, fur, or fish industry. Here are a few sites you might want to take a look at. Also research corporations and big business play a big part in the slaughter

Before I go on to another topic let me give the URL to a Word Press site belonging to Journeyman47. He has a beautifully written and informative post on this subject.

“Okay,” you say “but what can one person do – even if I give up meat and wear only natural fibers that’s not a drop in the bucket” and you’d be right but you can raise your voice and demand cruelty fee products, you can write your government officials, you can sign or start a petition, you can voice your opinions on the internet, you can rally and protest. It doesn’t matter as long as you do something.

In the words of Aaron Tippin ‘You got to stand for something’

So here’s a few sites where you can check out some petitions and get started;jsessionid=2A44F2E0925D0C1B9C62B83BF51365FF.app261b?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=722&autologin=true

and here are a couple of sites which might give you some other ideas – including my FB page

And finally here are a few petition sites where you can sign existing petitions or start one of your own for something you believe in.



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