Oh, How Things Have Changed


Oh, How Things Have Changed

As I’ve gotten older and have become Crone, my priorities have changed, a lot. Things that used to be of utmost importance no longer seem significant. On the other hand, things that I used to put off or dismiss as inconsequential now take precedence in my life.
Back then my house had to be immaculate all the time. Everything had a place and if you used it you had better put it back where it belonged, clean and in its proper container. I’d spend hours cleaning and polishing and then turn around the next day and clean again. There never seemed to be enough time for ‘FUN’ things.
Now that I’m Crone, if my house is presentable everything will keep until another day. I’d much rather take the kids to the beach. We’ll pack a picnic lunch, or better yet, stop and get a bucket of chicken. We can spend an hour or stay until the moon rises and build a bonfire if we want.
When I was younger my friends wouldn’t have even thought about calling me on the spur of the moment and say “Meet me for a drink.”
Going out for the evening was a major production. I had to do my hair, press an outfit, put on makeup. It would take hours to get ready, and by that time I’d get there, I’d be so stressed I’d have a headache and couldn’t enjoy myself.
Now, if a friend calls and says “Can You come?” my answer is usually “Give me 20 minutes.”
I jump in the shower and run a comb through my hair. Then I throw on a caftan, sandals and some earrings and I’m out the door.
I used to worry about what I said and weighed everything I did. My first thought was always “What will people think?”
My actions and reactions came from my head, not my heart. Everything I did was ego based out of my need for security and approval.
These days I say what I want and feel the need to say regardless of consequences; unbarred, untethered, forget impressing or pleasing anyone else. Just do it. Yes! Things have definitely changed and I love it.
I am Crone,
I am proud,
and I am FREE.




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