Scorpian Lover

This is a dream that popped into my head a while back and I had to put it to paper but I have never been able to develop it into anything – I’m not sure whether it was just something I ate, an inspiration from my Muse, or a message that I can’t decipher but I thought I’d post it here so some of my many talented friends could maybe take a look at it and offer me their opinion;

  • throw it out
  • expand on it
  • next time take some Alka Seltzer

Here it is.


  I watched the street below from the cover of the abandoned apartment building where I’d taken shelter after I’d been separated from the hunting party the night before. I’m not sure how long I’d been watching when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye and spotted the young female hybrid. She’d slid the grate back slowly and peered cautiously out at the dark shadowy landscape then ascended from the entrance of her underground lair the overwhelming smell of fear mingled with scents of excitement and anticipation alerted me that this was her first trip above ground alone.
When she had put a sufficient distance between herself and any possibility of a quick escape I left the seclusion of the third floor and quietly moved down the steps to the bombed out doorway. Hearing a scraping noise off to my left I quickly dived into a burnt out car on the curb and watched as a man size Venomous Roach slithered by in the direction the female was approaching from.
The two of them moved towards a confrontation as my mind weighed the options – one was food, both were enemies. The Roach hissed and rose up to attack as she crouched into position and tautened her bow. For just a moment I debated letting them kill each other and returning to base, a hero with two trophies, then I realized I had no choice. A blood curdling scream escaped my throat as I jumped on the back of the insect and buried both of my swords up to their hilts in the space between its head and armored body. Slashing in opposing directions, I severed its head from its body.
Gore sprayed over me and on my face mask blinding me temporarily and burning my skin, without stopping to think I reached up and jerked it off; in that split second I had sealed my own fate. I fell to my knees – overcome by the intoxicating aroma of her pheromones as she crept towards me with her sword drawn.
She is so young. She doesn’t even realize what she can do or the effect she is having on me. With my last bit of self-control I wiped the gore from the mask so I can see and quickly put it back on as I struggle to my feet, covering my nose and mouth before I am totally overcome. I have abandoned a sword and now hold a razor whip in my right hand coiled and ready. We circle each other with weapons drawn each seeking an advantageous position. Then my opening came. I flipped the whip; it coiled around the tip of her tail severing it from her body as my blade went to her throat. She dropped her sword and her eyes glazed over with pain and fear.
“Now what Hunter?  Did you save me just so you can kill me?”
I look down into the coal black eyes of the beautiful Scorpion Creature as she slowly sinks into unconsciousness. Hearing the distant clank of weapons I gather her into my arms and shimmer out, running down the nearest dark alley I disappear into the skeletal wreck of the ravaged city.
“No; now I die if the need arises to protect you,” I said leaping for cover as a squad of shadow hunters turn the corner.




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