Triand In The In-Between

my novel
my novel

Many people as they get older start a ‘BUCKET LIST’ (not that I’m old) and one of the things on it was ‘Write a book and get it published’ Well those of you who read “It All Depends On How You Look At Things” might remember this statement;

“I actually am a published author – I don’t have to say I’m self published or that I’ve only sold about 50 copies; most of them to family.”

This fact doesn’t bother me at all since Triand was actually an E book  on Freeebook ,net first and was received fairly well until I pulled it on the advice of the publisher.  Anyway my reason for this post is to let anyone who is interested that I will soon be posting Triand chapter by chapter on a new page called Triand In The In-Between – what else. I hope to have it up and running this week and will let you know as soon as its posted. As usual all comments are welcome



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