Who/What Am I


The question has been asked or implied a few times “Just who or what do you think you are?” usually followed by something like “You think you’re smart don’t you?” or “What are you a f*****g Commie or something?” or any other multitude of slurs.

They slacked off for a while during the time I was content to walk around with my eyes closed and wrapped in my cloak of pretense to conformity and normality but in my 30s when I re-awoke and pulled out my soap box they began anew. It seems in this day and age it isn’t a popular thing to stand up for what you believe (sort of like the 60s).


Anyway I’ve been thinking about that question the last few days and decided to post my answers here and on face book; don’t worry It’s America – land of the free – you can always ignore me, unfriend me, or delete me if you want.

By blood and inclination I am part gypsy, part witch, part hippie and totally 100% Pagan and heretic. I am a warrior, a revolutionary, an activist, and a fighter of lost causes.

I have been a wife, a mother, a soldier, a student, and a teacher, and am now a grandmother and soon to be great grandmother.


My mother made it known when I was in my early teens that I’d been born with a wondering soul and everyone should leave me be because I was going to do what I wanted anyway regardless of the consequences. Now here I am 50 some years later and I’ve managed to prove her right over and over. My friends like to say I’m the type of person who will try anything once and if it doesn’t kill me and is fun I’ll do it again; everyone else just thinks I’m demented.

Depending on who you’re speaking to I have been described as a subversive, neurotic, gun-toting anarchist or a peace loving, passive, tree hugging person. I am either a slogan spouting, freaked out,dirty, hippie pot head (which I don’t even smoke though I do think should be legalized) or an activist fighting to make this a better world. I have been labeled a New Aged, disciple of the Devil on the fast track to Hell ( a totally Christian concept) or a follower of the Olde Ways and daughter of The Goddess.


N addition I am a writer, a poet, and a spinner of tales and advice or maybe I’m a demented old hag who spouts dribble an trash ; anyway,  this should at least partially answer everyone’s inquiries and if not may I suggest you surf over to


and read some of the posts and comments there .  That might give you a more complete picture.

Oh. one more thing here’s my personal answer to the question.



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