Triand In The In-Between Chapter 5

my novel
my novel


I trekked down the path The Guardian had put me on when she
met me in the clearing; I was to meet a guide at a bridge who
would take me through the gate to the In-Between. After walking for
what seemed an eternity I came to another clearing and saw a woman
standing in the center with her back to me.
“Hello, are you the one they sent to guide me?”
“Everyone needs a guide the first time, even warriors, princes and
shamans.” She said turning towards me.
“Hello Prince Triand.” She said hugging me,
Together we continued down another path, talking as we walked.
Soon we came to a bridge where we stopped, Nana pulled out a pen
and paper. She drew a figure with three spiraling circles in a circular
pattern joining in the center, than laid it down on the plank in front of
us. I blinked as a door appeared where none had been.
“Take this key, hold it up like this and say:
I am Triand Wambeeska Kearney,
Shaman and Warrior from the Above World, and Chosen Prince of the
I beseech thee O’ Guardians of The Gateway,
Let me pass through.
I have come with Crone Autumn Songbird, my mentor, sponsor, and guide.”

Remember me and my symbol from this time, forward and backward, so that I
may return at any time.
In the name of The Goddess of All,
Blessed Be.”
I took the disk with what I recognized as a symbol identical to one
on my belt and held it up, repeating exactly what I was told. When I’d
spoken the last words the door swung open and we walked through.
As soon as the door shut behind us Nana picked up the paper she had
laid on the ground, the door disappeared.
“These are your personal emblem and key, keep them on you and
use them just as I’ve shown you anytime you wish to enter or leave
this land. There are many passageways, and you will know them all
in time, but as of this moment all the Guardians will recognize your
authority. You need only say:
In the name of The Goddess of All.
Blessed Be.”
Two beautiful horses stood at the other end of the bridge. When
we walked up Nana reached in the saddle bags of a chestnut mare and
handed me a long black cape and an apple.
“The apple is to introduce yourself, her name is Shine and she
belongs to you. The cape will cover your Above World clothing from
prying eyes until we reach The Palace, it’s best not too many know
you’re here yet.”
“You will need to address me as Crone Autumn Songbird or Teacher
from now on unless we’re alone; The Goddess and Her Majesty feel it
would put us both in grave danger if people knew of our relationship.
Even in The Palace there are enemies.”
The Palace was made entirely of glass that was like the mirror in
an interrogation room. If you were inside you could see out in every
direction but outside all you saw was a reflection of yourself and
your surroundings.
At the entrance to what I could only assume was the Throne Room
judging from the splendor of it the guards respectfully saluted us.

“Blessed Be, Crone Autumn Songbird, Her Majesty is in ‘The
Circle’ room with the Court, She is expecting you. You and P—-your
young ward may enter,” he said opening the door and bowing.
“Why did he start to say Prince and stop, I whispered?”
“Only Her Majesty’s most trusted staff are aware of whom you
are and until your Quest in the Above World is begun it should stay
that way” she whispered back as we descended the steps towards two
more guards.
“Wise Woman, Teacher, and Chief Advisor to Her Majesty, Crone
Autumn Songbird, and her Ward, Trebor Wambeeska Kearney, Shaman
and Warrior of the Above World.” One of them announced as they
raised their swords.
Nana walked forward as chairs scraped and everyone stood and
bowed except the woman with raven black hair and sky blue eyes who
sat on The Throne.
Taking a cue from my Grandmother, I bowed deeply and held that
position as she addressed The Queen.
“Your Majesty, may I present TK, my ward and my student.”
“Oh for Goddess sake, Songbird, rise.”
“Only my most trusted subjects are in attendance here today I
will not have you stand on protocol; Prince Triand may rise as well.”
She laughed.
“Come here, Prince, or do you prefer being called TK?” she asked
clapping her hands.
‘Are you surprised to see me? I’m sorry to have kept my crown a
secret from you but I did so much wish to meet you as a friend first,
rather than Her Majesty Queen Annanna Lei, Sovereign Ruler of The
In-Between and Direct Descendant of The Goddess”
“And that’s not the whole title – – – now can you see why I didn’t
say anything?” she added for my ears only.
Picking up a small silver crown from the pillow in front of her she
beckoned me closer and placed the crown on my head; she whispered,
“Well, which shall it be, Prince Triand or TK – or have you not yet
found your voice?”

“T – TK, I guess, Ma’am.” I stuttered.
“Very well then TK, turn and face your subjects.”
“All bow before Prince Triand Wambeeska Kearney, Shaman and
Warrior from the Above World, Beloved of The Goddess, Crowned
Prince and Champion of The In-Between.”
“And that’s not all of YOUR title either.” She whispered, trying not
to laugh out loud.
“Well TK, tell us what do you think of our kingdom, but, before you
answer close your eyes and ask The Goddess to show you the ‘unseen’,
– —Now tell us.”
“I see Katie’s map, the one she made me for my birthday. She had
colored some areas with bright colors and said they were the places
where the other people still were: other areas, some gray or brown
colored lightly over the brighter colors, some colored black, she called
them the dark and said they were the bad parts.”
“It looks different though, the dark areas look larger and some of
the places I remember as being brown or gray are now almost black.
Does that mean things are getting worse?”
“Yes, but, in your time this hasn’t yet happened. Katie’s drawing will
soon show these changes as well, though. This is the reason your training
must be accelerated. You need to absorb much in a short time or
you will not be ready when you are next called. You must be prepared
if you are to survive, our magic cannot protect you completely.”
“I don’t understand any of this, are you sure you got the
right person?”
“Yes TK, you are indeed our Champion.”
“It is time to return and begin your training. I shall leave you now
and let you say your good-byes to your Grandmother. When you are
ready you will find a ‘Doorway’ behind that curtain. Do you remember
the words to open the portal?”
“Yes Your Majesty,” he said as she left the room.
Trebor opened his eyes and looked around; he was back home surrounded
by the witches and four others who had joined the circle.
Grey Wolf was there, as was Nana and Queen Ananna Lei; but it was

the fourth woman who had an aura about her that shined brighter
than the winter sunshine who fascinated him most.
Queen Ananna Lei stepped forward, “TK, each of us here have
placed our mark on you, each unique to help you along your way or
enhance your power, we also each have a special gift for you.”
“Goddess, will you begin?”
“Prince Triand, the In-Between and the entire world is facing terrible
times and you, as its Champion, will encounter many dangers. I
have bestowed on you Gaia’s touch, with Her ability to cleanse and
rejuvenate the earth and its life giving waters.”
She held a small marble in Her hand which She blew on then tossed
into the air. It grew to the size of a beach ball and began glowing
before floating towards him. He caught it and it returned to marble
size, he closed his hand over it; it felt hot.
“All you need to do is toss it up and request whatever Gaia has to
offer and it shall happen, just remember always, ‘And It Harm None’.”
She said shimmering out.
Grey Wolf stepped up next:
“I endow you with the power of ‘The Grandfathers’ to communicate
with your furred and feathered brothers and sisters,” he said
handing TK a small grey leaf and instructing him to chew and swallow
it while he placed his hands over TK’s ears.” It will serve you well.”
Then Nana spoke.
“TK, your family’s gift to you is your name, Wambeeska, once you
have embarked on your Quest and your mind and eyes are opened; all
you have to do is acknowledge who you are and you will see through
the eagle’s eyes.”
Snowdrop stepped up and endowed him with the ability to be in
two places at once, when necessary, which she said would come in
handy if he had to cross over to the In-Between quickly when he
wasn’t alone. Then the rest of the Coven came forward, each offering
her own gift.
One sister offered the ability to absorb knowledge in the blink of
an eye while in meditation, another gave him the gift of song, another

the ability to weave spells, another the cunning of the fox, and still
another, the gift of fire. By the time they finished TK had knowledge
and skills that would put him well along the paths of both Warrior
and Shaman.


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