Triand In The In-Between Chapter 3

my novel
my novel

Chapter 3

This letter is being written on Samhain (pronounced Sow-in, Halloween)
and shall remain sealed until the appointed time of The Renting of The Veils

this we fear shall not be long in coming.
I’m not quite sure how long I’d been sitting there lost in thought
before I heard Nana’s voice inside my head saying “You’re not going
to know until you open it TK.”
I broke the seal and began to read.
I guess I should address you as Your Highness Prince Triand
(meaning in a pattern of three as in the image of the Triple
Goddess) now, since if you are reading this it means I am
reaching beyond The Veil from The In-Between where you
are truly My Prince. Your name now reflects the triple
parts of your blood line: Triand Wambeeska Kearney, your
In-Between, Sioux, and Irish-Celtic heritage.

gift from your Father. When your Uncle Grey Wolf arrives
– he’ll know when he is needed – he will offer prayers and
smoke to The Great Spirit to reinforce and strengthen the
‘Magic’ that was placed in it when it was made by my good
friend Snowdrop.
When this is completed put back the things that were inside
it when you received it. The following items should also be
placed either in your box or in the Shaman’s pouch that
Grey Wolf will give you when it’s time for your Quest:
• Anything you receive from Katie for your birthday or the holiday – your
little sister is to play a very important role in your safety and the future
of the worlds.
• Your penlight and spare batteries
• A pencil and a small notebook
• Matches or a lighter
• A spool of thread and a needle
• A bottle of Bubbles
• Your eagle feather
• Several small packets of herbs (Snowdrop will know which ones to give
• The amethyst and anything else you receive from Ananna Lei (you will
meet her soon if you haven’t already)
• A small bag of dirt and seeds from your Mother’s Garden
• Any other small object that in any way seems important – you will know
these objects when you see them.
I flipped to the third page and had just started reading when I heard
Dad’s van pull up.
Looking out my window I saw Grey Wolf get out and then reach in
to help some woman while Dad pulled a large amount of luggage out
of the back. Running downstairs, I reached the front door as it opened.

“Grey Wolf. I’m glad you’re here!” I whooped, forgetting all about
the fact that I was a man now and wrapping my great uncle in a
bear hug.
“Wambeeska, look how you have grown, and so strong, you nearly
crushed this old man’s bones with your powerful arms. You will make
a fine warrior in the battles ahead.”
“Time enough to discuss that later,” said the woman punching him
in the ribs and nodding towards the top of the stairs where Mother
was standing. Dad started for the landing but Grey Wolf stopped him.
Taking the steps two at a time he lifted Mother up like she was
a small child and carried her downstairs. After placing her gently on
the couch he turned to the young woman who had just walked in
the room.
“Priestess, I’d like you to meet my family – my beautiful niece
Hope Chimaka (of Mother Earth), her family calls her Hope and this
precious gift from The Great Spirit is Katherine Wyaka (Reviving
Ancient Customs), our little Katie” he said, scooping her off the floor
giggling and clutching her latest masterpiece.
“You already know Bill; his tribal name is William Enapay (brave
warrior) and the newest warrior of our tribe, Trebor Wambeeska
(White Eagle) or TK.”
“Everyone, this is Sarah ‘Snowdrop’ James, High Priestess of the
Stone Circle Coven. She’s a very special friend of Songbird’s and also
received a message from her that we had need of her services. She
prefers being called Snowdrop.”
“It’s nice to meet you Snowdrop. I’m glad to finally have a face to
put with the voice, you will be staying in Mother’s room, I hope you’re
comfortable there. ‘We claim you as family and you are welcome here
as long as you wish to stay, May peace be with you for always and a
day.’ (A traditional Celtic greeting). Merry Meet, Priestess.”
“I know who you are, Nana told me.”
“I made you a present – it’s for Christmas – but you can have it
now,” Katie piped, squirming to be released from Grey Wolf ’s grip so
she could present her offering to the laughing young woman.

“This is magnificent, look, there’s you and me; and Nana’s holding
our hands. Oh my, is this who I think it is holding your other hand?
There’s a rainbow and flowers and a unicorn. Why, its In-Between isn’t
it; the way it used to be?”
“Nana said you’d know what it was and she told me you’d like it.
She said I did good.”
“You did very well, Princess. It’s beautiful.”
“OK Katie. That’s enough for now. Our guests have a lot to do
before everyone else arrives and I’m sure they’d like to rest for a while
and freshen up. You can go out if you bundle up, or you can play in
your room until bath time so Mommy can finish up what she needs
to do.”
“Trebor please help Snowdrop get settled into Nana’s room and
then show Grey Wolf where to put his things, he’ll be staying in the
spare bedroom.”
When I opened the door to Nana’s room Snowdrop looked around
and smiled, she turned to Grey Wolf who had followed her in.
“Do you feel them, Shaman? Autumn’s spirit is strong and Her
Majesty is near as well. There is great Magic here”
“Yes. I will prepare and return in a short time so we can start, while
I am gone you can summon your Goddess and request Her help.
“Trebor, I need your box along with everything you’ve gathered,
and Songbird’s chest; please bring them down first and give them to
Snowdrop, then finish getting ready for tonight – you also need to
finish reading Songbird’s letter.
“I have her chest in my room but it’s locked and there’s no combination;
I couldn’t find one anyway. Can I help you with whatever it is
you’re going to do.”
“No Prince Triand, you have your own responsibilities and as for
your Grandmother’s chest, the solution is a puzzle based on the thirteen
Lunar Moons and I have the key so there will be no problem”,
answered Snowdrop pushing us both out of the room and shutting
the door.

After I’d finished doing what I’d been asked, I gathered my things
and went to take a shower.
There were three packages from Grey Wolf on the bed when I got
back to my room. I picked up Nana’s letter again and read it through,
quickly, then carefully opened the first package.
Inside was the pouch Ananna Lei had mentioned earlier. It was
beaded with intricate tribal symbols that I couldn’t read but somehow
understood; I hung it over my shoulder and adjusted the strap so it
hung at my hip then reached for the next package which held a belt
beaded in the same patterns.
The last package contained a simple gourd rattle that looked
very old; when I picked it up I felt a tingling in my hand and heard
Nana’s voice.
“It was your Great Grandfather’s. His medicine was very strong, now
all your paths are chosen.” I put it in my pouch and went downstairs.


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