Triand In The In-Between – Chapter 6

my novel
my novel


Mother and Father had requested that he not be left to trek
into the mountains alone to seek Wankan Tanka’s message but
instead be allowed to seek shelter at night and if a blizzard came in.
Things were becoming critical in the In-Between but thanks to
the gifts he had received a few days before he was well along on his to expedite things guidance was sought from the Council of
the Wise. The bulk of the remainder of his journey would be on the
warrior’s path anyway and for that he would need the direct guidance
of Grey Wolf and others.
Grey Wolf communed with the ancestors and The Great Spirit
while Snowdrop spoke to Her Goddess and elicited the opinions of
Crone Autumn Songbird and Queen Ananna Lei as well as the Coven
sisters. It was agreed unanimously that given the time of year (most
quests are held in late spring or early fall because of the climate) and
the circumstances this would be acceptable.
In the days prior to their leaving, Trebor had managed to read and
absorb five volumes of Autumn Songbird’s Journals, starting with her
first lessons with Wind Walker. Thanks to the endowments and gifts
he had received he had also seen and spoken to the people of the
In-Between who were patrolling, and carried on a discussion with a
squirrel about his choice of nuts.
At Dawn they headed for the hunting cabin at Beaver Lake.
Because of the inclement weather and heavy snows in that part of the

Tennessee Mountains, they had a snowmobile loaded onto the bed of
Dad’s work truck; their gear was also stashed in the back. He had kept
his Shaman’s Pouch in the cab of the truck with him; it held his box
and everything he had gathered along with the volume containing
Autumn Songbird’s observations and stories of her first journey to the
In-Between. He was reading from it as Grey Wolf drove.
—The next moment I was no longer in the Grandfather’s tent but instead
stood in a beautiful meadow covered with flowers. My clothing too had changed,
the flannel shirt and denim skirt I’d had on a moment ago had been replaced
by a flowing purple gown. I looked up at a sky of soft violet and saw a sun and
a moon hanging side by side. Then I noticed the young woman with hair the
color of the night sky walking towards me. – —-
I wondered if this was Ananna Lei and if so how she could still look
so young so many years later, a few seconds later I was sure. I turned
the page and continued to read as Autumn Songbird described the
beauty and peacefulness of In-Between; my heart caught in my throat
as Nana wrote.
— – Ananna Lei has shown me a map of the Kingdoms of the In-Between
and included the location of all the doors and land Bridges that connect their
world to the Above World where we live and also to the Under Land which is
the domain of the Dark Lord and his minions and demons but she assures me
these gateways are permanently sealed and very well guarded. She points out
the Nine Kingdoms starting with Gaia Green (the largest area colored in a
pale green) where she sits on the Throne and rules in the name of her Mother,
Queen Caitlinn, Supreme Ruler from right here in the Mirrored Palace, on the
Dome of Beginnings.
She tells me each area is marked with a different color and each is ancestral
home to a different race, branch, or species of magical creature… They are listed
here as she described them to me.
1. Gaia Green – Original home of Druid and Goddess Worshippers who
fled the Above World eons ago when Merlin opened a gate to aid their
escape from those who would destroy majick and all who practiced it.
2. Atlanta-mu – The water kingdom, hence the color blue, home to the
merfolk, water sprites and all those with an affinity to the oceans and

3. Emerald Home (Emerald, of course) – Home to leprechaun, Banshee,
and all sorts of magical imps as well as the wild Celts, Will-O-Wisp
and other Haunts of The Moors.
4. The Nest (Yellow for the Sun) a mountain kingdom of high places, giant
trees, and caves where the winged people dwell. It is also home to the
ones you call the abominable snowman or Big Foot…
5. Lothlorain – Elf Land, (White)
6. The Forests Lands – orange, home of the gnome, centaur, troll and all
those who call the glens and valleys home.
7. Rainbow’s End – Hence the different shadings, the place where the first
gate was opened and home to every majickal creature imaginable.
8. The Mesas – red, ancestral dwelling place of the Anasazi and Wakan –
9. Haven Home – pink, the color of Love, where the land bridge to the
Summer Lands is; here resides all who are between lives, those of this
world and others.
She has promised to have the Royal Map Maker make a copy for me… I
take this to mean it is not to be my last trip here. – —
I flipped through the pages and found no map then I went back and
reread the section I had just finished. This confirmed what I already
knew; there was no mention of the areas Katie had referred to as the
bad (the dark areas) which meant the seals between the worlds had
somehow been breached since Nana’s first visit there.
The sun was high in the sky when we arrived at the cabin and Grey
Wolf decided we should stow the gear inside and take a walk before
we did anything else.
“Change into to your Native garb,” he said as we got out of the
truck “bring your bow and quiver but not your pouch; and your bed
roll to sit on – nothing more.”
I could tell by the tone of his voice that he wasn’t going to say
anything else so forcing back the many questions trying to surface I
went in the bedroom and got ready, when I came out he was also in
traditional Native costume. He handed me a heavy coat, some gloves,

and an Indian blanket poncho then walked out the door not waiting
to see if I was following him.
We walked around the lake and entered the deep woods directly
across from the cabin then followed some sort of path that twisted and
turned through the trees until it came out in a small clearing.
“We stop here.” Grey Wolf said speaking for the first time since
we’d left the cabin He sent me for wood, after cautioning me to keep
in sight of the clearing while he set up a makeshift camp; by the time
I returned with an arm load of wood he had it up with a fire burning
and we had a visitor.
“Wambeeska, this is John Skywalker; he is your guide on the next
step of your journey. Take off your coat and prepare yourself the way
the Witches taught you, time is shorter then we realized. I shall meet
you back at the cabin at nightfall.”
Sitting down on my bedroll and assuming a lotus position I closed
my eyes and began the breathing exercise and mantra. Soon I was
hovering high above  an unfamiliar land. I heard drums and floated
towards them.


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