Triand In The In-Between – Chapter 7

my novel
my novel


 You are in the land of your Grandfathers. It is the time after when
Grandmother Spider spun ‘The World’ into existence and Wakan-
Tanka led his people west across the land bridges, a time when we still
lived as one with all creation.”
I opened my eyes and saw Skywalker sitting next to me in a circle
of perhaps fifty or so men around a bonfire; he handed me a pipe and
continued talking.
“We await the coming of the buffalo. You are to lead those who
will ride out to meet them, for in this life, you are Fleet Elk, mighty
warrior/hunter and leader of the Buffalo People. Follow the ancestor’s
lead and learn from him. His spirit will guide you.
The Shaman has seen ‘The White Buffalo’ in the smoke and it
promises to be a good hunt – the People should eat well during the
remainder of the ‘Frozen’ Time.”
He stopped to draw smoke from the pipe that had reached him
again then handing it to me he continued.
“Around the perimeter of this camp are hung shells and broken
pieces of pottery on branches. The hoofs of the buffalo when they are
perhaps two day’s ride out will shake the ground and these will sing
the message of their coming; then you ride. The rest of the tribe will
break down the camp and follow to help with the skinning and curing
of the meat.”

I scan the sea of buffalo grazing in the valley below and then breathe
a prayer to the Great Spirit to show me my target and send my arrows
straight and true. I also thank the buffalo for the food and other needs
it will provide. I give the signal and we ride as one, arrows drawn.
A large bull breaks from the herd and runs, I turn my pony and
charge, my arrows fly and it goes down, two more arrows and another
animal falls. By the time the herd has passed 400 hundred animals are
dead, with no warriors injured, it was indeed a good hunt. The tribe
moves in to quickly prepare the carcasses.
It has been fourteen moonrises since the Hunt and the buffalo are
prepared, the earth carries a layer of white this morning. The Shaman
has said we must go before the ground freezes hard and the snows
come. The women, children, and old ones pull the camp and we move
south towards ‘The Gathering of The Tribes’. I ride ahead with other
warrior/hunters to protect those on foot; at night we keep watch.
We have now traveled south and west for many moons and are
joined by many others also heading to the gathering.
Scouts returned last night bringing a group of old ones and very
young children that were left behind by their tribe when supplies
became short because they could not pull their own weight. They are
sick and starving. We take them in, as is our way.
Our offerings are much appreciated among the tribes at The
Gathering this year. Many have not fared well since the last big gathering
seven years before. Some look malnourished and sick.
They tell tales of drought in the West and huge ferocious cats with
long teeth in the mountains that attack and kill the livestock and
demons further to the South that stalk the land and steal children from
their mother’s arms to feed their wolfs.
I call the warriors and we make plans to hunt these creatures. The
night before we are to start we gather to pass the pipe; in the smoke I
see the face of a young auburn haired woman. She beckons to me and
I float above the flames of the fire.
* * * * *

“You should start back soon, the sun will be setting and there will be
snow tonight, but first there is someone else who wishes to speak to
you, she will see that you get back safely, I must leave you now.” said
John Skywalker pointing towards the edge of the deeper forest where
a night hawk has just emerged into the open, when I look back he
is gone.
“Peace be with you, My Liège. I seem to remember you prefer being
called TK in this place and time, though… My name is Caitlinn; I am
of Inbher near the Rath Boyne, midwife, sorceress, priestess of Brighid,
and wise woman of the Clan Mac Douggle. We followed the Old Ways
and prospered long ages until The Romans came, then The Goddess in
Her mercy showed Merlin how to open the gates between the worlds
so that we and all magical creatures might escape.”
“So you’re saying you are from the In – Between, one of the first to
enter the place Queen Ananna Lei called Rainbow’s End, but how can
this be? That was so long ago?”
“Time and Space is irrelevant; we can travel backward and forward
to any place we wish simply by thinking it. You were born with this
ability as well but have forgotten how to use it”
“Think back to when you were young; remember fighting dragons
and playing with the fairies and elven children or riding on the shoulders
of a giant? These weren’t dreams. They happened or will happen
in your future; all that is needed is for that part of your brain to be
unlocked again.”
“I’ve been asked to help awaken these memories by reminding you
of some things you used to know, take my hand, My Liege, and think
about the In-Between when it was new.”
* * * * *
I know this place.
I am Ainmire Mac Ciarrn (Gaelic – son of strong Majick) and I
was chosen by Merlin himself to lead the Children of Brighid and
the Others through the gateway to this land in between. I have just
returned with my warriors from war with The Dark Lord and his

minions. We have killed many and sent the others scurrying back to
the Under Land. The Sorcerers are even now sealing the portals to that
dark land of evil with the strongest majick they can muster. Only I and
my mate Caitlinn, Priestess of Brighid, who stands at my side, know
the words that will open them.
The land around us is a vibrant shade of greens and blues with trees
of every color imaginable under a sky of violet.
There is an orange sun and a full silver moon, both hanging low in
the sky, and I count not one but three rainbows with creatures I can’t
in my wildest dreams name traveling up and down them like roads. We
take a last look at our new home and go inside the Long Hall to hear
what the Bards and Gypsies have discovered in their travels.
* * * * *
We fly above our homeland of lush green covered with trees and
meadows with its natural boundaries of the mountains to the North
where The Winged People have chosen to settle and the sea to the
South where the Water Dwellers reign, The People and The Others
have now settled their chosen lands and are building their cities and
homes. Suddenly Caitlinn swerves and her magnificent wings furl
as she soars towards a lake that sparkles like diamonds in the center
of a flower covered meadow. I follow; we land and change into
human form.
“This is where we build,” she says and begins weaving her Majick.
We have no time to waste as she is with child and will soon give birth
to twins.
“TK this is Mee-Ta, she will guide you back to the cabin” Caitlinn
said, holding her hand out as a small glowing Fairie lands in her palm
“Tonight you will experience your most important journey yet and
tomorrow you will put into practice what you have learned. Farewell
and Goddess blessings on you, My Liege.” She says as she flies off.
Grey Wolf was waiting when I stepped out of the woods. He
handed me my heavy coat and said “we must hurry the snow will start
before dark and by the time we reach the cabin it will be a blizzard.”

With dinner over we retire to the living room and the warmth of
the fireplace. I read from Nana’s journal while Grey Wolf performs his
nightly ritual but all too soon the combination of warmth, chanting,
and the many hours of training take their toll and I doze off.
“Come Young Warrior. It is time to leave.”
Following his lead, I dress quickly and sling my pouch across my
chest then grab my bow and sheaf of arrows and we step out into the
deathly silence of the snow covered night.
“See in your mind’s eye the wolf, strong and fearless, running
noiselessly on soft pads through the moonlit night. Clear your mind, of
everything else and become one with him. Now run.”


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