Commemorating 9/11: The world remembers 13 years on


BESTPIX - Nation Prepares To Mark 13th Anniversary Of September 11th Attacks New Jersey commemorating 9/11 with two beams of light (Picture: Getty Images)

It is now 13 years since two passenger jets went into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York and people have gone online to discuss their memories of the awful event.

On Reddit, users from around the world have written about how they found out and how their communities reacted.

One user who was at school Sweden at the time first realised something was wrong after seeing a woman in his high school cafeteria hysterically crying.

An American in Paris spoke of one powerful moment from that day in 2001: ‘Hundreds of Parisians standing in and outside of Notre Dame, singing the Star Spangled Banner.

‘It didn’t fix what we lost, but that outpouring of love and support was so very needed.’

The hashtag #neverforget has been trending on Twitter where people have shown their respect and shared memories.

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