Triand In The In-Between – Chapter 11

my novel
my novel

Luna and I stood on the hill above Inbher near the Rath Boyne
where our ancestors had once dwelt and we had lived as mates
before the first exodus. We have been here since dawn and will continue
to wait until the spirits choose to make their appearance; this
is the reason we stayed behind and we’re told to wait no matter how
long it took.
Shortly after moonrise the mists rolled in and the land took on an
eerie quality, some of the shadows moved and three or four seemed
to be gliding towards us. As they came closer they took on a semihuman
“Wwwhhhhhooooooo are youuuuuuu?”came a disembodied
“I am Prince Triand Wambeeska Kearney, Shaman and Warrior
from the Above World, Beloved of The Goddess, Crowned Prince
and Champion of The In-Between, direct decedent of Ainmire Mac
Ciarrn chosen by Merlin himself to lead the Children of Brighid and
the Others through the gateway at the time of the first exodus.”
“And I am Caitlinn Luna Nakoma Halloway from the Above
World, Priestess of the Stone Circle Coven and direct decedent of
Caitlinn Mac Cairn of Inbher near the Rath Boyne, Midwife, sorceress,
Priestess of Brighid, and wise woman of The Clan Mac Douggle,
mate to Ainmire Mac Cairn and granddaughter of Merlin.”

“We are here to learn at the feet of the Ancient Ones and to aid
them in defeating the Hell Hounds and others who threaten this
Fair Isle.”
“Then you are welcome.” said a man in ancient sorcerer’s garb,
materializing, as he stepped forward.
“I am Merlin. My companions and I are here to lead you; come
time is short.
On the Isle of Avalon we were asked to give our emblems and
weapons over to the dwarfs so they could enhance and strengthen
them while the rest helped with the other preparations.
“Caitlinn and Ainmire Mac Caim regret they are unable to be here
in the flesh, but by their choice they have chosen to return in this
lifetime as have others of your bloodline as part of you, their souls and
memories are already within you, so they are here ; it is our responsibility
to fully awaken these former incarnations and bring them all
together in the two of you in this time and space.”
“Sit”, said an old woman as she handed us capes the color of Oak
Bark and a wooden staff each. They gathered around the fire beside us
and began chanting.
KALI (kaa – lee), INANNA” The words quickly become understandable
in our minds.
KALI (kaa – lee), INANNA” Spirits of the Ancestors heed our call, come
hither to Avalon with all haste; the need is great, time is short; these young
warriors do beseech you awaken within them your spirit’s song.
And give them the strength and knowledge they will need in this time of
need for Mother Earth and her creatures. From the smallest ant to the giants of
this world; animal, plant and human, and all the majickal creations that reside
in, on, and above this earth. so they might call upon your wisdom. All the
worlds of this universe and beyond we beseech you for your help.
In the name of The Goddess we ask your blessings and help for these two
and all the others who fight this last and greatest battle for all life and also on
the young one whom the Star People call GIEKSSDESS meaning Promised

Child of the Worlds. She is known by many names and in this life is called
Katie by her family; she too will play an important part in the future if we are
to survive
KALI (kaa – lee), INANNA ISIS,
Merlin arose from the ground to put his arms around Luna,
“Grand Daughter, I welcome you and offer these gifts,” he said as
two Dwarfs appeared, each carrying a disk covered in brown cloth
He took one and handed it to her. It was a shield of polished metal
with her personal emblem emblazoned on it, then reaching behind
him he handed her a bow and a sheaf of arrows.
“These are forged with the most powerful majick and protection
spells at our disposal; they along with the full knowledge and strengths
of the ancestors that you now carry within you will protect you against
whatever you face. May Brighid be with you, always,” then he handed
her back her things and turning, he embraced me.
“You are The Chosen One. Our gifts to you are also forged with
the most powerful majick and protection spells at our disposal and you
also carry the full knowledge and strengths of the ancestors within
you. This spear you should recognize; it was and is again yours. The
Power of Wakan-Tankan goes with you.”
“Come, it is time to leave.”
When we stepped out of the Mists Shine and another horse were
waiting alongside mounted warriors, the local werepack, and assorted
banshees, haunts and other spirits.
“Moonbeam, I’m so glad you’re here,” cried Luna.
“Hello, Shine nice to see you again,” she said reaching in her backpack
and handing both of them an apple before mounting.
“We ride,” yelled a red haired giant of a man in front.
We wait under cover of the trees on the high ground East and
West of the valley as the first of the demons approach fast from the
North – the plan is to trap them with nowhere to go other than the
sea to the South where the Serpents of Light wait – No Retreat and
No Escape. We can hear the screams of the Banshee over the barking

of the Hellhounds and know the ladies have blocked any chance of
retreat. As if on cue we charge from both sides.
I retrieve my spear from the brain of a hell hound that has just
ripped open a warrior to my side and jump off Shine to protect his
fallen body until he can be retrieved by the spirit healers; I can see he
is still alive, though hurt badly, and quickly throw a protection spell
around him from under cover of my shield before his body can be
torn apart.
Freed of my weight Shine immediately raises up on her hind legs
and attacks a six armed female demon. Sparks of light flash as she
makes contact once, twice, three times. The demon screams and collapses
just as the healers arrive to collect the fallen warrior, I pull my
hatchet and decapitate it; then remounting we go after two hellhounds
that are trying to ambush one of the werepack.
The air is thick with smoke and the smell of brimstone as it is rent
by the screams from the first of the demons to try escaping by heading
for the sea only to find death waiting in its blessed waters or the jaws
of the serpents that guard it.
I lose a volley of arrows into a clump of demons that are converging
on two warriors fighting back to front of a small fissure in the
side of the hill. Quickly taking in the bodies of fallen demon around
them and assuming they are trying to prevent the dark creatures from
escaping I shot a blue flaming arrow into the sky as a signal to rally
and began cutting my way through the demon hoard to help.
The warriors don’t miss a beat when they see me galloping through
the bodies to reach them. I quickly assess the situation, dismounting
and putting Shine behind me; I take the center position behind
my shield.
The death toll increases around us as the demons continue to attack
us and suddenly I see a movement out of the corner of my eye as a
voice hisses in my head.
“Fool, you cannot win. My Lord will have – —-“.
The voice goes silent as the warrior to my left raises her hand
and with a flash of violet light knocks the creature who is gagged,

bound and tethered to a small tree behind her back into unconsciousness
just as the first of the ‘Warriors of Gaia’ cut their way through to
our position.
“Hurry, Prince Triand, Finish closing this rift before The Dark Lord’s
Priestess can regain consciousness and call to her Master. I haven’t the
strength left to stop the inner voice of her mind much longer.”


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