Triand In The In-Between – Chapter 9

my novel
my novel

It’s hard to believe it’s almost Halloween. Grey Wolf stayed on after
the memorial service to help out on the farm and to continue my
training and has gradually taken over our schooling as well. I am now
taking some high school courses which require more time and effort
then I’m used to putting in; time we don’t have with the fighting
continuing in the In-Between and now spilling over into this world
through gateways that have been unsealed by unwitting archeologists
or blown open by the Dark Lord from the Under Land.
Mother had been rushed to the hospital in June after she’d collapsed
and is still ill; in fact she seems to be becoming progressively weaker; so
Snowdrop has also come back to help care for her and the house. She
has also taken over most of Katie’s schooling and is training her in the
Ancient Way of The Goddess and the knowledge of majick and ritual.
With her fifth birthday, Katie has started seeing things in her dreams
and Snowdrop has been a big help in teaching her how to cope with
and understand this new gift.
“Jane will be here in the morning to stay with your Mother during
the day and help out until we get back, she’s been told I’ve been called
away on Tribal business and I’m taking you with me to complete your
manhood rites and that we’re dropping Snowdrop off at her place to
finish making arrangements for an extended absence. We’ll take the
truck up to the cabin and run from there; Snowdrop will meet us at
our destination. ”

“Where are we headed, what about school and Katie’s lessons
and everything.”
“Snowdrop gave your little sister a project that’ll keep her busy for
quite a while and I’ll help her in the evenings and whenever I have
time but I’ll need to borrow Nana’s journals while you’re gone and
the chronicles your uncle asked you to start keeping if I can “said Dad
looking up from his newspaper.
“Uh – Yeah – Sure. But why?
“You’ll know soon enough,” said Snowdrop as she came into the
kitchen carrying Mother’s tray.
“Hope wants to say goodbye, DO NOT say anything to upset her;
and Katie says she wants you to tuck her in tonight, she has something
special to tell you.”
“Just go, we’ll talk later.”
I went down the hall and knocked on the door to my parent’s
room. They had moved into Nana’s old room right after Christmas
because the stairs were becoming too much for Mother.
“Hi, Mom. Snowdrop said you wanted me.”
I stuck my head into Katie’s room, “Hey Brat, since when do you
need to be tucked in – what’s up?”
“You need to be careful while you’re at Loo-walla Cow (Louwala
Clough). That means Smoking Fire Mountain… my new friends say if
you and the rest aren’t careful they’ll be lighting the funeral pyres again
but there won’t be anything to send up in the smoke but prayers.”
“They say you need to get there before the Bad Red Dragon comes
out so you can help fight the other monsters so the Good Blue Star
Dragon can kill it or at least send it back into the ground forever, but
there are going to be some other big fights and wars first, they’re part
of the bad things?”
I took the picture she handed me and saw a large pale face with
enormous black eyes on a little body. ‘This is the same being Nana saw
on one of her Vision Quests’ crossed my mind but before I could say
anything Katie started talking again.

“They already know what you look like cause I showed them pictures
when they came to visit the first time. They came to see Nana but
she wasn’t here so they talked to me because they said I was special.”
“Did your friends tell you anything else Sweetheart? Like how
everything is going to happen and if we can keep the bad things
from killing everyone and making our world and the In – Between a
bad place.”
“Oh Yes, they told me lots of things, but I’m not supposed to talk
about them yet. They did say I could tell you that there will be lots of
mountains that spit fire but the bad things that come out can be beat
easier before they get close to Lou-walla Cow that’s where the Bad
Red Dragon lives and the closer they get to him the stronger they get
until they’re almost in—invin—–”
“Yeah, that’s the word, Invincible; it means you can’t kill them.
Anyway my friends said Uncle Grey Wolf or Snowdrop will tell you
everything else you need to know. You’re not going to die like Nana
did, are you TK? I wouldn’t like it if you’re dead.”
“No, Katie I’m not going to die, I promise. Now go to sleep,
Daddy says you have a project to work on while we’re gone and I
expect to see it finished when I get back. Good night Honey, I said
kissing her forehead.”
“I love you TK” she mumbled sleepily as I shut the door. By the
time I got downstairs Dad had gone to bed.
“So anyway, what does it mean? Nana said pay attention to everything
Katie tells me or gives me because it going to be very important
but I’m not sure how much of this is just her imagination and how
much of it means something.” I said after I’d finished telling them
about my conversation with Katie.
“It all means something,” answered Snowdrop.
“Katie is a Starborn; she has a knowing beyond her years, and the
eyes of a seer, as well. Perhaps by morning you will understand; tonight
you go on a Dream Quest. Then handing Grey Wolf a packet of herbs
she said goodnight and went upstairs.

Indicating the conversation was over Grey Wolf followed her up.
By the time I got back to the room after taking a hot shower it
was filled with the soothing odors of lavender, chamomile, and a scent
I couldn’t recognize. I picked up my notebook and started to write
about my conversations with Katie and Mother earlier that evening but
must have dozed off because the next thing I remember was a bright
light coming in the window and a gentle voice in my head saying
“Bring your notebook and a pen and come out by the north gate. We will
greet you there.”
Putting on my coat and shoes I looked over at Grey Wolf who is
sleeping soundly and left the room. When I passed Katie’s room her
light was on so I stuck my head in the door to find her standing barefoot
at the window.
“Hey kiddo, you need to get back in bed, its cold.”
“They’re not coming in tonight, they want to talk to you and say
you need to go with them, but don’t worry, they’re really, really nice,”
she whispered sounding disappointed that I was going instead of her.
“I know sweetheart, I’m on my way, now. How about I tell you
everything in the morning?” I said carrying her to bed and tucking
her in.
“That’s okay Glick – he’s the littlest one – said he’d tell me later.
Night, Trebor.”
There were three small grey creatures waiting when I reached the
gate, two of them took my hands and the third and smallest walked in
front into the woods. I wondered if the little one was Katie’s Glick.
“Yes, I am the one she is referring to but in our language she is called
GIEKSSDESS meaning Promised Child of the Worlds.” I heard in my head.
We came to a clearing and when we reached the center a beam of
light appeared. We stepped into it and rode it like an elevator up into
a waiting ship. I was handed a pair of earphones with a microphone
attached which allowed me to speak to and understand everyone.
“The Dark Threat has been contained for now but not purged in the land
called In-Between, most of the abominations and tainted ones have been killed
or escaped through fissures and cracks into this world or back into the Under

Land to await the release of the Dark God who will arise from the Lake of
Fires somewhere in the ancient lands of the Native Peoples here in America.
For this reason the gates between the two worlds have been opened wide for
the first time in eons so that the Majickal ones may enter to help in what is to
be the ultimate battle that will decide the fate of not only your worlds but all
the worlds, the sky gates too have been opened and Orion, Marduk, and many
other worlds have sent their warriors and heroes to assist.
The Dark God has many human followers among your peoples, some
through ignorance or misguided teachings and some through greed and hatred
.He will be hard to defeat: but there are also many here who are enlightened,
they will be a force to reckon with and will also provide the needed strength
to rebuild after the final battle; the one those who follows the prophet from
Nazareth calls Armageddon. Come we join the others; The Council is already
in session.”
We walked into a large Amphitheater like space and I saw everyone
put their fists over their heart in welcome as I followed suit, “WE
ARE JOINED .” came the greeting.
“Welcome, Prince Triand Wambeeska Kearney, Shaman and Warrior from
the Above World, Beloved of The Goddess, Crowned Prince and Champion
of the In – Between, and direct decedent of Ainmire Mac Ciarrn. Would
you choose to be seated with those of your Tribe or your subjects from the
In-Between, both places are rightfully yours; and may we call you TK, we
understand that is what you prefer.”
“I see several members of my pack are in attendance and would ask
that I may join them and also that any other members of the wolf clan
join us. We will be entering the battles in that form as an extended
pack, and yes, please, I do prefer TK. Thank you, Sir.”
“Very well, it shall be done and you may address me as CREEDANCE
– which is how my name would sound in your language.”
We talked and discussed the upcoming battles for hours. One of
the warriors from Marduk who said her name was something that
sounded like SERIPTEENIA said rather than driving the dark forces
in front of us with our strongest warriors in an effort to cut them
down and weaken them we should maneuver ourselves in front of

them and force them back since they pulled their strength from the
Dark God and grew progressively stronger the closer they got to him.
She recommended we use our strongest people closer to the Lake
of Fire with the purpose of keeping the followers at a distance and
reinforcing those who would be assisting the Serpent when the Dark
One arose. When we broke off for a short time I walked over to Grey
Wolf who had come in sometime during the night.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were attending this gathering, you
could have answered a lot of questions.”
“It was not my right to say anything; I have no place in this part of
your quest. You must find the answers on your own, but go; there are
others who would say hello before we start again.” He said pointing to
where Ananna Lei, Snowdrop, and Nana were walking up just as Luna
reached over and whispered in my ear.
“You’re a natural born leader, My Liege.”
When the council resumed SERIPTEENIA finished explaining
her strategy and then CREEDANCE asked if anyone needed to add
anything. Grey Wolf leaned over and whispered in my ear; I nodded
and stood up.
“I had a conversation earlier this evening with my little sister Katie
whom I’m told you call GIEKSSDESS meaning Promised Child of
the Worlds. She said there were a lot of things you had taught her
she couldn’t talk about yet but she was allowed to tell me about the
dragons and one of the things she said was – let me read it – They say
you need to get there before the Bad Red Dragon comes out so you
can help fight the other monsters so the Good Blue Star Dragon can
kill it or at least send it back into the ground forever.”
“I have also learned, just tonight, that she is something called
Starborn and that she has a knowing beyond her years, and the eyes of
a seer and have been told I should pay attention to whatever she says.”
“My point is she leaves the death of this Dark Lord in doubt with at
least a possibility of His simply being forced back underground to be
sealed in so if we force these demons and followers too far backwards

they will simply try to retreat back into the fires. If this happens the
Dark One will have the nucleus of evil He needs to build a new army.”
“It may take eons but we can again wind up being faced with annihilation.
Wouldn’t it be wiser to put some of our strongest Shamans
and Weavers of Spells at the points of exit and entrance to seal these
rifts and prevent them from retreating underground? If we can force
them from both ends towards the center we can destroy them.”
I sat down and we waited as the others talked among themselves
then CREEDANCE called for silence.
“We too know of your Katie’s knowledge and insight and she is indeed
one of our own Starborn Children, as is your Mother and Grandmother, and
we respect her words; it shall be done as you suggest, your home pack will take
the lead in this country and all the peoples of Gaia Green will stay in the rear
also to close the rifts. You will join the others at the fronts as soon as possible. It
is done, everyone may return to their previous positions or homelands to make
ready. The Alpha and Omega be with you. We are joined.”

End of Part 1


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