Triand In The In-Between – Part 2 – Chapter 10

my novel
my novel

Part 2
Destiny Manifested

Chapter 10

The next morning early Grey Wolf shook me on his way out
the door.
“I’ll meet you at breakfast. Dress and pack your gear; bring plenty
of clothes for a warm climate with cold nights, we leave right after
we eat.”
I look around the kitchen as I walked in, there’s just the four of us.
“Where’s Katie? I figured she be up before dawn wanting to hear
everything that’s going on.
“She won’t be coming down; she’s had a very long night and is still
on a sleep quest but she did ask me to give you this,” Snowdrop said
laying a book in front of me.
“She says it’s for you to write in since you promised to leave yours
here so your Father could help her and to tell you she ‘wrote’ some
things that will help you understand.”
“By the way where will I find the things I’ll need?” asked Dad
without looking up from the papers Snowdrop had handed him at
the same time. By the time we arrived at the cabin I have a fair idea
of where we’re headed, I also had plenty of time to begin my new
journal since everyone seemed to be lost in their own thoughts.
The first person I saw when we pulled up was Luna; she had a cast
on her arm and looked really relieved to see me.
“My Liege, I was told you had been injured and feared you would
not be able to lead us in this battle, but you look well enough.”

“No biggie, I caught a spear in my side but somehow managed to
escape serious injury. I was fine in a week but what about you? You
can’t run on three legs”.
“You’re right about that one, I’ll be traveling with Snowdrop and
some of the others by RV and magic but I wouldn’t let a little thing
like a broken arm keep me out of the battle. Come meet some of your
newest traveling companions.”
“Any idea where we’re headed this time?” asked a large sand
colored wolf of Mayan decent named Juan who was acting as my
second in command while Grey Wolf was leading a pack from the
north temporarily.
“Well according to my little sister, Katie, we are headed across a big
ocean to a place where it’s really, really hot during the day with big
hills and deserts and lots of caves for the bad ones to hide in. She says
some of the people there have even let the demons live inside them
and because people just do what they’re told instead of thinking for
themselves and listening to the wise voices; things are really bad.
“Ah yes. The famous Starborn Seer; we have heard much of her in
my country.
* * * * *
“Demon activity ahead” came a telepathic message from a pack
leader in front of us
“We are somewhere in the W. Virginia coal mining region: there are
Demons and Half Demons crawling out of a fissure that opened in an
area that had been strip mined.
Vans, RVs, and various other vehicles were parked hurriedly and
have had protective bubbles thrown around them as their occupants
either draw weapons or run for the fissure to close it.
“Go for their throats, we want them dead,” howled a red wolf
jumping into the fray.
By the time I got back to my pack, after breaking off to chase down
a reptilian looking demon, the battle was pretty well over. We had been
victorious but this time it was at great cost. We’d lost three warriors

and a prophetess with an affinity for healing; they were blessed and
immediately transported to their homes for burial. Then the healers
went to work on the many others who were injured. We pushed on to
the ocean before setting up camp to wait for those who were to join
us from up and down the coast the next morning.
* * * * *
We are headed towards the coast of Ireland., It was advised by the
Messengers that a large number of our group should stay on American
soil and concentrate their energies in the eastern mountain ranges
and along the Seaboard as the dark influences seemed to be especially
strong in these areas right now.. I already knew this though because
one of Katie’s drawings showed us waving Goodbye from a boat to the
others who were standing on a beach and the hill behind it.
The High Priestess of the Rushing Waters Coven from Turtle Falls,
who has an affinity for water and water dwelling creatures, called
a general meeting in the ship’s main dining room to inform us the
Dolphin King had sent an emissary to let us know there were demons
and sea monsters spewing out of fissures in the ocean floor and of
furious battles between the water dwelling peoples and them, – with
the sharks fighting on the side of the Dark Lord. She stated they had
incurred heavy casualties and that she had been asked to plead with
the High Council to send reinforcements from the other water kingdoms
and the planets beyond ours.
A messenger was contacted; four council members and the High
Priestess were transported to the ship for a conference. The rest of us
busied ourselves in their absence by infusing light spheres with positive
majick and energies and dropping them overboard hoping it would
aid in their efforts until help arrived.
That night we saw a lot of activity from the light beams as small
transport ships entered and exited the waters;: help was arriving in
vast numbers. When we reached the coast of Ireland we received

the welcome news that our allies in the oceans and waterways were
turning the tides of battle in our favor.


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