OK I’ve Done Enough Thinking For One Day


My brain’s tired tonight so instead of actually writing a post I have decided to just give anyone who’s still awake a few more of my original ramblings.

Listen, can you hear the moaning?
Is it just a harmless wind?
Or the ghosts of the long departed
Come to steal your soul away?
Are those just branches of a tree?
Scratching at your window pane,
or some demons boney fingers
searching out his prey?
Is that a Jack-O-Lantern?
On the porch across the street
Or the blood gorged eyes of the undead
Looking for more to eat?
Do you know what’s around the corner?
Are you prepared for a fright?
Watch out for ghosts and goblins

Winter is the season when snows fall
and the world becomes a Wonderland of white,
when in preparation of the season ahead
trees and homes are covered in brilliant light
Winter is the season when all the family gathers
around an open fire at night
to sing and tell stories of times gone by
when everything was right
Winter is the season when the nights are long
And all seek the warmth of hearth and home
Where family, friends and stranger are loved
And all are joyfully welcomed here.

and in closing I leave you with one of my favorite songs – Stairway To Heaven



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