Triand In The In-Between – Chapter 12

my novel
my novel

While I‘m washing up in the creek, I am summoned by the
High Council. Arriving in camp I am directed towards an
elaborate tent that has been set up on a small rise east of the main camp.
The tent is huge and I see many faces from the ships and other
battles I have fought in – in both this and other lives; then I look to
the head of the table and my heart stops.
“What’s wrong, Trebor? Daddy said I could come for a minute if
Nana and The Lady promised to take care of me and not let anything
bad happen to me; besides I told you I’d be here; didn’t you read my
last letter?”
“I brought you the pictures I finished of what’s going to happen
next. I wanted Everybody else to see them too and I thought maybe
they wouldn’t understand everything, so when Nana came to get them
I begged her and she asked Daddy and here I am. Did you miss me?”
“Katie, darling, you have no idea how much I’ve missed you and
everyone else at home and no I must have missed that part, I’m sorry. I
love you brat, but right now I have to talk to the Council, Ok?”
“Silly,” she giggled “I’m the Council. I’m GIEKSSDESS. It means
Promised Child of the Worlds.”
Taking her seat and motioning me to sit beside her we direct our
attention to the beautiful half-demoness held captive in the center of
the room.

Later after having learned everything possible from the captive
concubine of The Dark Lord and making our reports we adjourn and
Katie and I go for a walk with Shine while the others decide what to
do with the prisoner.
“So you see Snowdrop en— – en—-“
“Enchanted,” I helped
“Yes, enchanted both books and whatever I put in mine you can
see in yours but she said it has to be really, really important or we’ll
run out of pages before you get home, that’s a long time because I
have lots of pages.. When you use it to write in don’t you look at it?”
“I don’t actually use it” I admit “ I use a smaller one that’s easier to
carry, so I haven’t looked at it lately but I promise to tonight and every
night from now on okay?”
“Okay” she says reaching down from Shine’s back to give me a hug.
“We need to get back, it’s almost time to get up at home and Daddy
will be upset if I’m not back before Jane gets there.”
* * * * *
“We leave in the morning for the Desert lands.” says Luna as she sits
down beside me and takes Katie’s book from my hands.
“May I?” she asks opening it to the front pages.
“Why not, most of it concerns all of us and I’m sure Katie
won’t mind.”
We go through the pages together and quickly realize that had I
been looking regularly we would have been forewarned about a lot
of things that had happened. Then we came to a page that depicted
Katie’s idea of a desert.
There is a big sun and brown – looking land with no trees, off in
the distance is a triangle and right in the center of the picture is a hole
with snakes crawling out of it. Following this page is a page showing a
battle with black figures and brightly colored figures fighting and a lot
of red dots all over the page.
The next page shows a figure on the back of flying horse he’s
throwing some kind of ball in the air, the final page shows the same

place with water running from the top of the triangle into a lake
where the hole used to be, the land is now green and there are trees
growing. The red drops are blue and sparkling and there’s a rainbow.
“Do you know what it means?” Luna asks.
“I think so,” I answer.
“I just hope we make it in time.”
I reach for the book to close it as the page next to it starts to glow:
I’m not sure if this only works for your sister or not but I
thought I’d give it a try so here goes. Your Mother is very ill
and the doctors are not sure she will ever get much better. I
have decided to put the farm up for sale and we are moving
to the cabin you and Grey Wolf use. It will be much easier on
everyone and we will be close enough that the Coven sisters
can help. Please do not say anything to Katie she doesn’t
know yet; at least I don’t think so. I’ll explain everything
when you get here. Love Dad
P.S. Before Katie gets downstairs I will tear this out so she
won’t see it. Hope you get this message I Love You Son
I quickly grab a pencil and begin writing:
Dear Dad,
The next morning the entire page is missing.


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