Triand In The In-Between -Chapter 13

my novel
my novel

It seems like we’ve been fighting forever though in actual time we
have been away from home less than three months total. After sealing
almost fifty smaller fissures we are still working to close the lake size
hole approximately three miles from the pyramid. All around the edge
of the chasm the rhythm of chanting is mingled with the clatter of
weapons and sound of battle as the warriors attempt to protect the
spell weavers and prevent the escape of the demon hoard.
I divide my attentions between my warrior duties and that of a
shaman as I try to figure out how we can turn this major passageway
from the Under Land into the life giving lake I saw in Katie’s drawing
when the answer comes; the water itself will seal the rift. I reach in my
bag and pull out the marble the Goddess gave me and toss it into the
air and pray.
* * * * *
We breathe a sigh of relief as the sky that has been growing increasingly
darker for the past two hours bursts open and rain pours down,
demons start screaming all around us as the blessed waters burns their
skin and foul smells ooze from the wounds. We cheer as we watch
them die and the waters slowly rise as the gaping hole becomes a small
lake. That night lights appear above the desert as the Council transports
Guardians to protect and prevent the fissure from being reopened. The

next morning we make arrangements to return home leaving others
behind to carry on the fight.
Construction is going on at the cabin when we arrive; a third
bedroom has been added and chicken coops and a barn are going
up as well. I am amazed at how quickly everything is moving. We
sleep for a few hours and then Grey Feather and I leave for home;
Snowdrop and Luna have already pulled out in the RV. The trip started
out pretty uneventful, I read for a while and then dozed off but am
soon jolted awake.
“We need to get off this road: I’ll explain later. Right now just get
off and pay close attention to any cars around you, there are demons
close and we’re their targets.” I yelled reaching for my medicine pouch
and pulling out a bottle of bubbles.
“Demon on our right” I yell, rolling down my window and
blowing bubbles.
The next moment a dark sedan speeds up beside us and slows down
while the driver studies us a few very long seconds before speeding
up again
“There’s a turn off about two hundred feet ahead of us can you
make it?
“Yeah, hold on! Look out that sedan’s back and heading straight
for us”
Grey Wolf jerks the truck hard to the right and we bump several
hundred feet along the dirt road before stopping as the oncoming cars
hit each other head on.
“Should we call the Police?” I ask getting out of the truck and
walking back towards the highway where Grey Wolf is standing.
“No Point. Look.” he said pointing to the scene of the crash as
both cars slowly fade into nothingness; walking back, I notice bubbles
clinging to the truck and twinkling lights floating towards us.
“We have friends arriving.” Grey Wolf said.
After checking to make sure everything is okay and explaining to
Grey Wolf about the warning I received and the bubbles we thanked
our friends and got back on the highway. The truck is now covered by a glamour and though we did see a few more deonic drivers they
didn’t see us and the rest of the trip was uneventful.


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