Triand In The In-Between – Chapter 14

my novel
my novel

By the end of the following week we are on our way to Tennessee.
Dad and Skywalker left a couple days ago with the moving van
and the animal hauler; the rest of us are pulling out this morning.
Mother and Katie are riding in the RV with Snowdrop and Luna is
driving the van. Grey Wolf and I bring up the rear in the truck; all the
vehicles have a protection/camouflage spell on them to minimize the
threat of demon attack and friends are scattered along the way to help
keep watch. By the time we arrive the moving van is almost empty.
Mother and Dad take the new bedroom; someone has thoughtfully
added a closed in porch and planted flowers in window boxers
and containers, She says its perfect except for one thing – she wants
Nana’s rocker on the porch beside her chair since no one here but our
majickal friends know she’s not part of this world and won’t think it
strange to see an old woman visiting.
Katie’s and my rooms have built in bunk beds so the beds from
home are put out in the barn where a makeshift bunk house with its
own bath and kitchen has been partitioned off
Ananna Lei says it will be needed soon; there are also several
campers parked around the property with generators attached and
the familiar sight of the glowing orbs can be seen dancing along the
perimeters. It’s beginning to look and feel like a small commune.
We are safe here, at least for now.

I am sitting on my cot reading Katie’s birthday and Christmas message
when Luna steps into the tent. “My Liege, this package was just brought
in by a messenger from home. It’s from your Mother and Father.”
“Thanks,” I said ripping it open; inside was a note from Mother and
some smaller packages.
My Darling Trebor,
I spoke to Ananna Lei and she has enchanted notebooks for
us so that we can keep in touch with you without having to
use Katie’s. I know your Father has written to you to tell you
my health seems to have improved significantly since moving
here. There is something majickal about this place and I don’t
miss Indiana at all. Happy Birthday Honey and Merry
Christmas I hope you make it home safely – and soon.
The package held some socks and a heavy sweat shirt as well as
the notebook, pencils, and a book on magic and medicinal herbs of
North America.
“I also have something for your birthday.” Luna said reaching in
her bag.
We have been fighting for weeks now and the demons don’t seem
to be getting any fewer. No matter how many rifts we closed or how
many demons we slay. By day we kill and by night we light the funeral
pyres and nurse our wounded. I return to Katie’s messages while I wait
for the battle to start again.
I flip through the pages trying to find whatever it is that seems to
be alluding me when my hand begins to tingle. I flip the page and see
a cave almost totally hidden by vegetation with giant spiders crawling
out of the bushes as the sun rises. The next page shows the same place
but instead of a cave there is a huge pile of rocks and more rolling
down the hill from overhead.

Sticking my head out I yell “Grey Wolf, call the packs together, we
have work to do.”
The packs split into small groups and begin hunting for hidden
caves in the foot hills; by evening we have found three and Luna and I
fly to each to see which is the most likely to be the one. It is decided
since we cannot be absolutely certain all three will be closed but Luna
and I will wait at the most likely one to seal it first.
Explosives are set at the top of each entrance and inside the mouths
of each cave. At the appointed time the charges are set off and we
begin chanting to put the seal in place. Only one demon made it
out before the opening vanished and a warrior made short work of
destroying it. Then we travel to the other two caves and seal them as
well just to make sure.
With the openings finally sealed we began the mopping up and
within a few days the area is fairly secured. It is decided each group
will be allowed to return home for a few days and spend time with
their families while the others remain on duty. Our pack is to be in the
fourth group so shortly after the New Year we set out for home.
By the time we reach the cabin there are only five of us left; Grey
Wolf, Luna, Juan and his mate – who following the massacre of their
village have become part of our family, as well as our pack, and me.
The family somehow knew we were coming and a celebration is
waiting for us. Juan and Maria were given one of the small campers
and everyone settled in for family time and a much needed rest.
The next morning a small basket is delivered by an elf. An infant
had been discovered hidden under an alter in a chapel in their village.
She was somehow spared when the slaughter began and was found
when the burial party arrived. The healers made sure she was going
to pull through then sent her to Juan and Maria to raise as the only
remaining members of her village. She will be named Promise.
All too soon our visit is over and it is time to return to the battle,
Maria stays behind to take care of Promise and help around the cabin.
We are met along the way by the rest of our pack and head for the
latest demon outbreak up by the Canadian border.

About two hundred miles from the border we smell smoke. Shortly
thereafter we see flames rising up along the horizon and begin
encountering a large number of vehicles heading south. We send scouts
up ahead to find out what is going on and move away from the roads.
That night we listen in dismay as our scouts and some others who
have found their way to our camp describe the explosion of a pipeline
and the attempted bombing of a nuclear plant in the Dakotas. We are
told Canada has been forced to close her borders to pedestrians and
the Militia has been called out. We get a message to the Council and
start planning what to do next.
After our meeting a call is put out to everyone with an affinity for
controlling water, flame or wind who can be spared from elsewhere
and they quickly mingle with the human forces working to help
control the fires.
We have been battling the flames as well as demonic forces and
demon controlled humans in this area for over a month now but
thanks to an early thaw and enchanted torrential rains the fires are
finally out and the demon threat is controlled: the humans infected by
demon blood had become very ill with fever and boils all over their
bodies when the rains started and without enough people to nurse
them they are left lying in the mud to live or die on their own. We do
what we can but have already buried over seven hundred civilians.
Then the call comes to move on and everyone who can be spared
quickly heads Southwest


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