Triand In The In-Between – Chapter 15

my novel
my novel

We have just returned from patrol when Messengers arrive
notifying us of an important meeting after dinner. I grab a
crutch and hobble out to find the rest of the council members who
are available.
Last week I was badly injured when I was hit by a fireball and
knocked out; I probably wouldn’t have survived if it hadn’t been for
Willow’s quick thinking and the Herbal book Mother had given me
at Christmas. Even now, with the enhanced power of the healers, my
right leg and side are still red and raw looking and I find it difficult to
move quickly so I patrol the crest of the volcano on horseback with
the healers and conjurers while Juan temporarily leads our pack until
Grey Wolf can return.
During a break in the proceedings Katie and Queen Ananna Lei
hurry over to me where I sit talking to SERIPTEENIA.
“Trebor”, Katie yells and rushes at me with a big hug: I wince in
pain as she backs up with a stricken look on her face.
“Why didn’t you tell us you were hurt bad? Mommy would make
you come home until you’re all better. You know she would.”
”Which is exactly why she cannot know, the final battles are ready
to begin and every man, woman, child and other who can fight must –
in this world and the rest, do you understand, Sweetie?”
“Yes, but I’m afraid for you Trebor. Is everything going to be okay?
We are going to win aren’t we?”

“Yes, Princess, everything’s going to work out but for now you
need to get back to your seat we’re ready to start again.”
When we return I leave it to Luna to explain everything to the
others while I go in search of the fastest wolves in the packs.
“So, you see, while they were out on patrol the alien scouts discovered
the volcanic eruptions and demon activity were to throw us off
track and give the Dark Lord a chance to assemble his armies in his
chosen areas for the attack. He has no regard for life, human or demon,
and does not care how many loses his side incurs as long as he gets
what he wants.
The actual point of battle though will not see bloodshed on his
part until he has managed to concentrate his armies around him; he
made this mistake in Saudi Arabia and will not repeat it again. We
cannot move our entire force at once or the Demon Lord will become
suspicious but we will start siphoning off our strongest people and the
others we will spread farther out in the hope of preventing many of
his minions from sneaking past us.”
“Reinforcements are ready in the European countries, Africa, South
America and the Northwest, as well as a small contingency in the Pole
areas and all are being brought up to date.
Your job is to carry these messages and documents to all our people
in the Southwest and on beyond if possible, do not engage in battle
unless it is forced upon you and return as soon as your mission is
completed, if possible. Do you understand?”
“Then run.”
“The Goddess be with you.”
“I still say it would be better for you to return home until you have
healed completely,” Luna said while she was changing my bandages
later that evening.
“I am Prince Tri———“
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know the spiel. But I also know now that that
fireball wasn’t just a fluke; it was aimed at taking you out, permanently.
Can you not be reasonable? I don’t want to lose you – again.”

“No! I will not run and hide: not in this life or any other, do
not ask.”
“Alright,” she said finishing up and leaving the camp fire without
saying another word.
A few Moments later two warriors and an old man appear
from nowhere:
“Young Warrior we are sent to guard you. “
“I do not need to be guarded and I refuse to stand in anyone’s
shadow.” I said.
“Then it is well that we cast no shadows,” the warrior chuckles.
“I am Fleet Elk of the Eastern Cherokee and this is Black Crow
of the same tribe. We were of your Father’s people before we were
destroyed. The old one is your Great Grand Father, Wind Walker and
will be traveling on to Tennessee with others to release those on duty
there so they may take up the battle.
They have accepted to protect your family and your sister; but first
he must speak to you privately.”
That night with the Spirit Gourd back in his possession Great Grand
Father led the first of many Ghost Dances and the next morning with
our forces increased by almost a thousand spirit warriors we take the
battle to the enemy


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