Triand In The In-Between Chapter 16

my novel
my novel

News travels and is beginning to spread among those in the human
realm who have had their eyes opened thanks to the help of our
friends. Small bands of those willing to fight are increasing in numbers
and some of our witches and other majickally endowed humans are
sent to train and lead them. Our ‘other’ world brothers and sisters
are also making themselves known in mass and our governments are
slowly but surely being persuaded to join the fight; regretfully not all
have chosen to fight on the side of light.
Grey Wolf brought word of heavy casualties up near Denver when
he returned and we have moved our base of operations over that way.
I am now patrolling in wolf form but am still incapable of running any
great distance so Shine and my personal Spirit Warriors are still my
constant companions, as is Luna whenever possible.
One day while we’re out we smell smoke and hear motors running.
Fading out to investigate, Fleet Elk and Black Crow soon return
with two men from the Red Hills Militia who had stumbled on this
place yesterday.
Leaving Black Crow and two other Spirit Warriors there to watch;
the rest of us quickly return to camp to inform the council of the
abandoned mine and railway spur with demon and armed humans
guarding it that is less than a day’s ride from our camp and the human
militia headquarters on the other side of the ridge.

After testing them for demon blood we listen while they explain
how the four of them had broken off from the rest of their patrol
to investigate a column of smoke and two stayed to watch while the
other two returned to their camp to report. It is a little less than two
day’s ride on the other side of the mine so they should be reaching
there anytime and by tomorrow they should be ready to march.
One of them is immediately dispatched by patrol ship with messengers
from the High Council and some of us to prevent the attack and
explain why. It is also decided it’s time to send emissaries out to all our
friends and allies to bring them up to date and show them the simple
test to determine demonic infiltration: we have learned that with the
increase in human activity the demons are now using cloaking devices
to hide their identities since these men saw no demons.
From high overhead a Night Hawk watches as an engine and four
cars pulls out from the mine and head towards an abandoned warehouse
in a suburb of Denver. This is the second trip out in four nights,
but tonight it will not arrive at its destination. – A section of the track
over a ravine has been ‘washed’ out by a flash flood from a rain storm
up the mountain. It will look like an unforeseen accident when the
train derails and its occupants are sent to their deaths. There will be
no survivors. It will take weeks to fix the tracks and in the meanwhile
they will have to figure out another way to transport The Dark Lord’s
minions to their destinations without being discovered. As soon as
the next step along the route is revealed the warehouse will go up in
flames as well.
It has been two weeks since the train wreck, a party of perhaps
fifty or so demons and humans have been sent out to investigate the
damages. When they are a good distance from the mine they will be
destroyed. At the same time a small group of warriors will be spotted
marching towards the mine; when the warriors of darkness exit to
dispatch them they will be massacred. The mine will be destroyed
and sealed.
This will happen almost simultaneously at other sites of covert
demon activity all over the world, as well, in the hope of sending a

message to the Dark Lord and force his hand by bringing his activities
into the open.
All the Groups have tested their people by now and at least a fourth
of them have been infiltrated. Those tainted have been taken care of
and every group has now been joined by at least one healer and several
members of the wolf packs as well as other majickal people.
Primarily majickal groups now all contain a contingency of trained
human militia and an ingredient has been added to the food to counteract
the camouflage spells the demons have been using to hide their
true appearance.


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