Triand In The In-Between – Chapter 17

my novel
my novel

Fighting has increased significantly since we took the war on the
offensive and the death toll rises as every hole, crevice, and crack
in the earth becomes a potential escape point for the minions of
darkness to claw their way to the surface in an attempt to reach their
Master’s side in time for the last major battle.
Katie’s letters and drawings are now full of battle scenes from
around the world; one of them shows three dead demons and seven
skeletons with crowns sitting on their chests. Below this in her childish
handwriting is written ‘1 more down –1 to go, and then we destroy
HIM’. When I asked The Council what it meant CREEDANCE told
this story.
“Many, countless eons ago – before this world existed there was an evil and
powerful god on a distant star who had twelve sons as evil as he and one
daughter who was as beautiful as she was good. The king lived only to conquer
everything around him and sent his sons out to destroy or bring all known
civilizations under his control.
The daughter, denouncing her Father’s evil ways, went into exile as her
Mother had done before her. She came upon an undiscovered rock in a little
known galaxy and took refuge there.
This rock became Earth and the Princess is Mother Gaia. She turned the
earth and its surrounding planets into havens of refuge to any who wished to
escape her Father’s cruelty and other civilizations sent warriors and emissaries
to help protect them.

The King lost five sons in the ages that followed while the Earth was
growing. Soon news came to His attention of the beautiful planet His daughter
had created. He sent five of His remaining sons to destroy her. The first was lost
before history along with the serpent demons, a second in China and the third
went down with Atlantis and Mu. The remaining sons escaped but decided to
stay and watch from the next planet over. They were eventually defeated but the
entire planet was destroyed in the battle.
Gaia being soft hearted gave the defeated citizens of her Father’s Kingdoms
a choice of exile, death or rehabilitation and for a time things were good but,
the evil started to rise. With the discovery that the large brown dwarf his wife
had taken refuge on was coming back he found a way to sneak himself and his
two remaining sons onto this lush green planet. The first arrived during a great
volcanic eruption in the early days of history, the second in a storm of space
debris, and the Master Himself had stowed away on one of the first cloud ships
to arrive in the Americas after having wreaked havoc in the old country
They’ve stayed hidden; working through others for many, many years until
the voice of the Queen of the Heavens sounded a warning in his ears that She
was returning to aid Her daughter.
Now He has spurred his sons and his disciples into action. You know the
rest; except for the added detail that the eleventh Prince was destroyed in a lake
in the Saudi desert.
One more thing:, it is rumored that the last remaining Prince is now somewhere
in the area of the Seven Mesas which is why the demon hoard is trying
so hard to convince us to concentrate our efforts on the seemingly unstoppable
influx of power in the East and why the patrol ships have stepped up their
search efforts in Indian lands,” Then we proceed to discuss strategies and
for the first time I know everything..
When I got back to camp I set down to write Dad and Mother and
also sent a special note to Katie; then I called a meeting. of the heads
of all the groups West of the Mississippi for five days from now.


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