Triand In The In-Between – Chapter 18

my novel
my novel

The streets of cities worldwide are covered in brown ooze as human
blood mingles with demon gore; the battles have been taken to
the streets now that with the help of majick the Dark Lord’s followers
can no longer hide behind cloaking spells.
Street gangs, skin heads, neo Nazi and other hate groups are hunted
down and anyone discovered possessing demon blood is executed;
though we lose many valuable soldiers in the process. Fires blaze up
everywhere as both sides try to burn out the opposition: on every
corner and doorstep the dead and dying can be seen. Our cities are
fast becoming wastelands. Leaving the dead to bury the dead, humans
flee to join the militias or hide while the demons take over. When
this happens entire cities are sprayed with anti-demon plague and left
to rot.
We have just left a tent city that has risen up on the banks of a small
river and travel north when we intercept a large band of demons carrying
human heads on spikes. . They are headed towards the village
seeking revenge for the display of demon heads we had just passed
through. The warriors attack in force to hold them off while the
shamans and sorcerers fall back to throw a barrier around the village
and try to convince them to take their trophies down. When the battle
is over we gather the dead and make a discovery. Several of the carcasses
are infected with demon plague.

When we make camp I pull my tablets from my saddlebags and
begin reading while I wait for dinner.
Trebor we are getting new people almost every day Mr. and
Mrs. Adams are coming but they know what’s going on so we
won’t have to hide anything anymore Mr. Adams is bringing
supplies and 2 more cows with him I hope they get here soon
I miss Missy and Suzi and Polly . The guardians are bringing
them so they’ll be safe, here are the things I promised you
Love Princess Katherine – that’s me Katie – neat huh?
The note from Mother and Dad explained what Katie had just said
and told how her friend Glick had suggested we open our lands to
others; they would screen everyone and all who come will bring supplies
and a useful trade, the majickal community has also increased
and the barn has been taken over by the healers and wise women and
turned into a hospital. They also tell me this is happening in other
places as well, human and enhanced working together for the benefit
of all. When I finish reading I study Katie’s drawings then pick up my
pen to write:
Princess Katherine,
You are growing up so fast; it’s hard to believe you are
almost ten—-
After dinner we are transported to a Council Meeting while Juan
is left to organize the patrols with Allan. I take the drawings with me.
During a break in the proceedings CREEDANCE comes up to me.
“TK, has your sister explained these drawings to you, especially the ones
showing the Brown Planet and her floating in the stars on a Ray of Light?”
“Not really, but I assume she’s referring to The Brown Dwarf ’s
arrival into our area and her belief that she will be traveling into space
for some reason. I’m more concerned with those that portray immense
destruction for our planet and the one of two dragons battling the
Blue Serpent.”

“Yes, but the appearance of the Mother Planet signals the end for the Dark
Lord and the beam of light is the promise of a new beginning. Come it is time
to start.”
Fighting has increased tremendously since our last Council
Meeting and the remaining Crowned Prince is rumored to have risen
somewhere in the area of the desert southwest during the times of
increased natural disasters we have been experiencing.
Hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes have increased.
Drought is wide spread in some areas while others receive torrential
rains and experience extreme tsunamis. It’s almost as if Gaia is cleaning
house before her Mother arrives which the Council says should be
real soon according to their scouts.
We are experiencing difficulties with our technologies all over the
world and according to our guides this is because The Great Mother
is in close proximity and we should make every effort to reach The
Loo –walla Cow as quickly as possible while stepping up our plans
for sandwiching the enemy between two opposing forces. Leaving
half our forces under the command of Grey Wolf and other highly
respected leaders in the rear contingency, the ones destined to fight in
the final battle rush toward the sight of the Dark Lord’s assent. Thanks
to Princess Katherine’s (which she now insists on being called) premonitions
we arrive in time


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