Triand In The In-Between -Chapter 19

my novel
my novel

We had been battling under the shadow of the Dragons for the
past two months and the Dark ones seemed to be gaining the
upper hand over the Blue Star Serpent. Having squeezed the demon
hoard as much as possible we are now joined in a single battle and
each day we seem to lose more warriors; the only good news is the
demons seem to be weakening as the Master withdraws his attentions
to concentrate on the battle with the powerful force of good. They
succumb to plague and fall by the wayside, some with no evidence of
a wound. We are literally wading through dead to carry forth our fight.
At night the rain comes to purify the demon carcasses and we take
our dead home or transform them into Spirit Warriors. Somehow I
find a few moments to check my journals
There are five drawings from Katie this evening:
The first is a picture of a large group of people at the cabin, some
are fuzzy and many are carrying babies; there are a lot of small children
and everyone is smiling; the second is a drawing of some land that is
cracked and parched with no sign of life other than one small plant
right in the center of the page.
The third drawing is the same battle scene as before but a beautiful
blue light is now surrounding the Star Serpent as a beam of light
comes into view and one of the Red Dragons seems smaller and is
facing away from the battle. The next drawing is of an explosion high

in the sky and a pale grey ooze dripping from a black ball as it floats
out to space.
The last drawing is the most confusing: It shows Katie riding on
what I assume is the same light ray as before but now it looks more
like a beautiful white bird. She is wearing a silver crown and carrying a
golden sword and a book in her hand. I sit and stare at them and suddenly
it dawns on me; they are in the wrong order. I begin moving
them around until everything falls in place. The next morning the sky
seems just a little lighter.
There seems to be a renewed strength in the way we battle over the
next weeks and soon there is no mistaking that the battle is turning in
our favor. Everyone knows that death will bring a choice of moving
on to the next world, crossing over, or returning to a New Life in this
world so they fight without fear. Then an amazing thing happens.
The Blue Star Serpent starts glowing as an incredibly beautiful
golden glow appears in the eastern sky. One of the red dragons lets out
a horrific scream and turns, racing away.
This enrages the larger dragon that lets out an answering roar and
throws a fireball at the retreating ally. In the split second His attention
is divided a Great White Eagle lands and Princess Katherine steps
off. The Eagle soars into the sky to join her daughter in battle as the
retreating dragon explodes.
They battle for days without stopping as The Loo –walla Cow starts
seething despite a pouring rain – even though the sky is still bright.
The remaining demons are cut down as they make a desperate attempt
to retreat and those humans who were fighting with the Dark Forces
try to hide only to be cut down by plague or sword.
A cheer erupts and The Dark Lord falls. The mountain opens to
swallow him and then collapses on top burying him forever. The
shamans and healers rush to seal the opening as I pull Gaia’s marble
from my pouch. We have won.

End Part 2


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