Triand In The In-Between – Epilogue: Destiny Fulfilled

my novel
my novel

The area surrounding the cabin is decorated for a wedding and the
dwellings and tents are filled to maximum capacity. A group of 20
couples, some carrying young ones on their hips are to exchange their
vows. Luna and I are to stand with the couples as Matron of Honor
and Best man: we were married at the sight of Victory a year ago and
are expecting our first child. We sit talking to Katherine while waiting
for the brides and grooms to make their appearance when an old man
and woman in traditional Celtic garb walk up.
“The Great Mother requests you follow us please. She wishes
you to appear in the garb of your first union with each other at
the proceedings.”
When we return in ancient wedding dress a smiling Katie is standing
in front of the alter beside Snowdrop, Grey Wolf, Mother and Dad.
Everyone else has set down. A rainbow now appears in the sky behind
the alter.
“The Mother has joined us today to bestow a very special honor
on two people who were essential in bringing in This New World.
Prince Triand. Wambeeska Kearney, Shaman and Warrior from this
World, Beloved of The Goddess, Crowned Prince and Champion of
The In-Between, and hero of the final battle come forward… Caitlinn
Luna Nakoma Halloway Kearney from this World, High Priestess of
the Stone Circle Coven and direct decedent of Caitlinn Mac Cairn of

Inbher near the Rath Boyne, soul – mate to Ainmire Mac Cairn please
join him” my grown up sister says as Gaia and The First Mother appear.
“Brothers and Sisters before the weddings begin we would like to
take the opportunity to bind these two on the anniversary of their
marriage for all eternity by rejoining them in their lives since the
Beginnings of time – as it once was so it shall be again, now and
forever. Let us all rise and give our blessings.”
The Beginning


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