The Best Laid Plans……


OK I need help. I am usually the type of person who handles things on my own but this time I seem to be hitting a brick wall. In July I told everyone I was finally going to begin the dream Ron and I had of finding a cheap camper or RV and taking it to the road full time. At the beginning I was looking for a pop up that I could pull behind the Taurus, I looked through Craigslist and on the internet and checked everywhere within a 100mile radius that anyone told me to look; I had finally narrowed it down to 2 vehicles and had an appointment to get a trailer hitch put on and was going to make a decision and hopefully be on the road in a few days.
What’s the saying “The best laid plans of mice and men…”? Well anyway;
I had told Moriah when she first got her permit that I’d give her the car when she managed to get her license well promises have to be kept especially with family and since she needs the car for work she’s finally getting her license so my search began again.
This time I’m looking for a RV truck or van or a converted bus. It has to be a self-contained or one piece unit thing since I definitely can’t afford to buy two separate units and it has to be cheap and small – like about 16’ or so and mechanically and structurally sound and they have to be willing to accept about $500 down and take payments. I can afford $400 a month until I actually get on the road and then I can swing $500 to $600 a month. For those of you who don’t know I live in Newport VT so I’m looking in that general area.
If anyone knows of anything that might suit my needs please email me at and please send a prayer out for me I really like to get on the road soon. Thanks


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