One Candle – A Billion Prayers

a prayer for World Peace by Heide Bruder


I have on my permanent altar a large stone of lava rock that is carved out in the center to a depth of about two inches. It is inlayed with a candle holder and river stone and I keep water in it. This is where I burn my candles – especially those I use in a ritual where the flame is supposed to go out on its own and this is where my PEACE, LOVE, and HARMONY candle has now found its home. I should add this alter is set up inside a closet that I have replaced the door to with a storm door and screen so there is no danger of a kitten getting burned or starting a fire but maybe I should explain to you why I am telling you all this before I go any further.

This comment was posted by me to my Facebook page earlier today;

“I have a new candle on my altar. The flame of this candle will never be extinguished – it burns as a prayer to The God and Goddess for a world where PEACE, LOVE, and HARMONY shall reign and where all living creatures shall live as one. I am begging everyone to take this flame and light your own candles to pass around THE WORLD. Let us also send this flame to those in power in our governments – remember one small flame can light a thousand and together we can set a bonfire under their a****s.”
Light A Candle by Shelley Martin


As an Empath I have always felt the pain of those around me and when I was younger I spent a great deal of time trying to shield myself from it and at the same time work to change it but several years back a friend gave me a book by an author I’d never heard of. Her name is Mary Summer Rain and I devoured everything by her I could get my hands on.
Her writings are what started me on my ‘Path to Enlightenment’ and each time I read her ‘No Eyes Series’ or her poetry and other books my soul seems to expand a little more (that however is a subject for another time and another post.)

I went on to other writers and teachers seeking knowledge where ever I could find it recently I began hearing about ‘The Shift’ and ‘Harmonic Convergence’ and about people ‘Waking Up to Their True Selves’ and I began praying that The Goddess would show me what this all meant. I soon received an answer;
“Light a candle” the message came clearly in my head but I had no clue what it meant. The next day I was reading about another atrocity on the internet and again the message came “Light a candle”. Thinking it meant light a candle and send a prayer to the heavens for these latest victims of hate and greed I stopped what I was doing and went to my altar but the message persisted.
Last week during the Full moon I decided to do a ritual to gain some insight into these questions that had been plaguing me and for some reason chose to set up an altar on my bedside table.
I turned out the lights in the room and lit my candles; as I was lighting them I heard a voice say “Turn around and look in the mirrors.”
The light from the flames of my candles reflected off every shining surface in the darkened room and their reflection s made it look like thousands of candles –I had my answer.


When I am actually somewhere I cannot have an open flame I shall use an LED candle and every time I look at it I will breathe a prayer and an affirmation of PEACE, LOVE, AND HARMONY for THE WORLD.



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