“I Feel Much Better; Thank You.”

ol,kkjhhhh ikm

                           This is how my computer was looking a few days ago.

                                                                                    and this is how it looks now;

I just opened a file named Miscellaneous Stuff and Things I Might Want To Use  Later – I swear – it is full of everything from 6 different files of old pictures I got from Google and other Places (The Goddess only knows where) including a file of animated photos I was going to add captions to and turn into cards. I also must have at least three copies of everything I’ve ever written and lets not even get int the sticky notes and to do lists ETC, ETC.

Anyway after a quick glance through some of the files I drug the entire mess over to the trash can along with a bunch of other stuff that I knew I had on a Pen Drive already or had copies of on the web or in another file and that’s when I heard it.

I swear I actually heard my computer say “THANK YOU”.


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