More Poetry and What-Not


Stella and the other kittens have been working all night trying to straighten out my files and stuff so I can get them copied to a ‘Pen drive’ and open up some space on my hard drive.  They said they are going on strike until I do.

I took a look in my Original Writings file and realized that these two poems had not been uploaded here so before I forget and go to move it I thought I’d post them. Hope you enjoy them.



For the many years You have given me;

and all the joys, and yes,

even the tears they have brought.

Thank You for all the ‘Life Experiences’

– good and bad –

that have brought me to where

I am

for family, for friends, and for all I have met or

will meet.

Thank You for past, present and

future happenings and lives which make me uniquely me

and Yours always.

Thank You.

Martha ‘Gipsiecrone’  Bowman



When I look in my mirror

I see more than just a face.

I see courage and strength,

a story in every wrinkle

that stares back at me.

I see clear hazel eyes that have

shed many tears

but still twinkle with mirth and laughter

and hide memories of

adventures from long ago.

I see lines and crow’s feet

that can be read like

a precious manuscript to secrets

of ages past.

I see wisdom and knowledge

and the face of my mother and my grandmothers

but above all and

because of all

I see ME

I am beautiful.

Martha ‘Gipsiecrone’ Bowman


Now maybe the babies can get back to work – we won’t tell them I have 4 pen drives full of stuff that I took off my old computer when it gave up the ghost that aren’t even organized.



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