Irons In My Fire????


I have been working diligently the last few days trying to update all my sites and a few times I almost decided I had too many of the proverbial ‘irons in the fire’ and  my finger drifted towards the DELETE button rather then the one that read EDIT. In fact it actually did a couple of times – I actually still had Christmas and Yule stuff up on a couple of sites.

Finally though, I am pretty well caught up; at least I have everything that had been posted longer the 3 months gone and with the exception of Gipsiecrone Musings which I hope to get to today sometime I have posted new offerings.

I do  admit some of my original pieces are posted on more then 1 site and not everything is actually mine but it’s there because it spoke to me in some way and I hope it does the same for those who read them.

Please take the time to at least drop by and maybe hit the like button or leave a comment. I’d appreciate it. Here are some of my other web sites.



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