Alice’s Visit


I woke up about 3am to find ALICE sitting at my computer desk. I rubbed my eyes and blinked a couple of times but she was still there typing away at something.
“OK— I am either dreaming or I’ve gone totally insane.” I said out loud where upon Alice reached over and pinched me.
“Ouch” I yelped.
“Nope you’re NOT dreaming”, she said
“So, I’ve lost my mind?”
“Yes My Dear, I’m afraid you have but not to worry. A lot of my friends are totally bonkers,”

“If you really think you need that silly thing though I suppose The Hatter and I could help you look for it. Shall I E mail him?”

I’m not sure what happened next because one of the Cheshire kittens jumped on me.

“Oh never mind. I see you already have help.” she said and disappeared.

[and NO I wasn’t watching Alice In Wonderland before I went to bed.]



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