Shut down West Coast Farms (Henryetta, OK) for extreme animal cruelty


A recent undercover investigation at West Coast Farms, LLC in Henryetta, OK has brought to light practices of extreme animal cruelty toward the pigs housed there.  See the video at:  West Coast Farms is a pork supplier for Tyson and Walmart.

The undercover investigation has found the following: workers beating, punching, kicking, pulling on, and screaming at pigs; workers slamming and throwing conscious piglets onto the ground to “euthanize” them, leaving them to suffer for sometimes up to one hour before succumbing to their injuries; workers clipping off the tails of piglets and ripping out testicles without the use of painkillers or sterile techniques; piglets being picked up and shaken; sick and injured pigs left without veterinary care; pregnant pigs confined to filthy and completely restrictive metal gestation crates; etc


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