Deep Peace

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You’ve probably heard me say before that I seldom remember my dreams or if I do it’s only a flash or maybe just one scene; well that’s not quite true. I may not remember my night dreams but I sometimes have dreams or visions or what ever you choose to call them during the day and I can’t be asleep because I’m busy usually when they happen like what occurred this morning.
Last night I was listening to some inspirational and meditation music before I went to bed and decided to leave it on after I shut down my computer. I drifted off to the haunting melodies of Bill Douglas’  beautiful song ‘Deep Peace’ An inspirational Irish blessing set to music and slept soundly through the night – which as I’ve I gotten older happens less and less.
When I woke up this morning the sun was streaming in my window and looking at the clock on my phone I was surprised to see it read 8:17 usually I’m awake by 6:30 or as soon as it starts getting light and what was even more amazing the 4 kittens who sleep on my bed and are asking to be fed as soon as the sun rises were still sleeping peacefully.


I put on my robe and went to the kitchen to make coffee; while this was brewing I fed the cats then I took my cup and went outside to have a cigarette and say Good Morning to The World. I was standing there looking up at the glorious sky and I thought I heard the haunting melody of another song I had been listening to the night before in the distant thunder . I closed my eyes for a moment to try to remember the words and to say “Thank You to the Goddess”, when I opened them the scene in front of me was no longer my back yard or any place else I’ve ever been blessed to be.
I was standing at the edge of a deep forest overlooking a meadow that was green and covered with flowers, off in the far distance I could see the outline of what looked like it could have once been a city but was now overgrown with trees and vines and it was quiet – a peaceful QUIET that gave me a total sense of peace. The most amazing thing though was ahead of me about 10 feet was a large black wolf and playing at her feet were a baby lamb and 2 wolf cubs. I watched them for a long while as others entered the clearing; 4 legged, 2 legged and winged creatures and in the waters of the spring all manner of fish and water creatures. Then I heard her call for them to come and eat and the three of them began nursing.
“Would you like to join us?” she said telepathically.
I walked into the clearing and sat down, “the red flowers are very tasty if you’re hungry” she said munching on one.
“Where am I?” I asked.
“The Gathering Place of The Goddess for all those who have awakened to The Deep Peace of Enlightenment, others will be joining us soon” she answered and nudged the babies with her nose sending them off to play.
I looked again at the sky as lightening flashed when I looked back I was on my porch.


“Goddess I know I am awake but am I dreaming or have you in Your awesome wisdom sent me another vision? If this be the case please help me to understand what it means.


Viv Bala‎Light up your little corner of the world

“Love is expressed in many ways, unconditional love between a mother and a
child, romantic love between lovers,divine love for the creator – all these
can be expressed in different stages in a person life, but once we open the
door to Universal love we become a personality of love and operate with
Love as center in all activities.”–vivbala



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