Allen Roland, VT 10-5-14… “Take The Red Pill Before It’s Too Late”

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veterans_today_allen_l_roland_banner_1I never really spent too much time with any of the Matrix movies. But from this article, I now see that “The Matrix” movie was really about what has been going on for decades (centuries, millennia) on this planet. This is a pretty wonderfully exposing “out there” type of article, which very much can apply to many of us red pill takers.

Many of us have “had to” read the novel “1984” by George Orwell. And if that reading happened pre-9-11, it’s likely that, like me, after reading, you’d say, “That’ll never happen.” And now we’re in it!!

Thank God for the red pill.


Take The Red Pill Before It’s Too Late

Ingsoc is the ideology of the totalitarian government of Oceania and Obama is the President of Oceania. We are all being watched, notes are being taken and dossiers are being completed as we speak. Oceania’s…

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