I’ll Meet You At The Crossroads

In The Footsteps of a Gipsiewonderer


I was emailing back and forth to Fayton Hollington at about.me/fayton.hollington earlier today and somewhere in the conversation I mentioned an article I had written after my husband passed of lung cancer. She said I should post it so here it is. Maybe it’ll speak to some of you.

I’ll Meet You At ‘The Crossroads’

”Dying is easy; it’s the living that’s hard….”
The Dragon Scroll by I. J. Parker

December 21’1995 – they rushed Ron to the hospital after he collapsed at work – then
spent the next 3 hours trying to get a hold of me as I was at Lothlorian setting up for the Yule
Ritual. When they finally reached me, I rushed back to the hospital to find him in quarantine
having been misdiagnosed with tuberculosis. Yule was forgotten, Christmas dinner was
cancelled and New Year’s passed unnoticed while I barely left his side. By January…

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