More About Me


I found out a while back I am not only part gypsy, part hippie, and witch and a pagan heretic but I am also BOHEMIAN – I wasn’t even sure what a bohemian was until I was looking for some images for Gipsiewonderer one day on Google and this came up. Either they nailed me or I nailed the name for this site either way I’m delighted.

Thought I’d put  A Little About Me  here. This is my biography page for  which I hope soon to have  upgraded and a e commerce page set up.

Please go over and have a look – you will find a few things that are not on any of my other sites [including Gipsiewonderer]


2 thoughts on “More About Me

  1. went over and had a look. Looks delightful. Also looked for but didn’t find you on Facebook. If you’d like to connect you can find me as Joceline Burnel – I am the only one, well of course, – so easy to find!


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