Untitled – Martha Bowman

Sometimes I can be doing something and something totally unrelated pops into my head and won’t let me go. Last night was such a night I was half watching something on TV and working on a post for Yola and the thought popped int my head – an animal declaration of independence so I minimized what I was working on and started typing. This is what I came up with – like much of what I write I’m not sure what it’s actually supposed to be.


We hold these truths [or should] to be self-evident
that all living creations are created equal
2 legged or 4 legged
Regardless if we walk, crawl, or slither, upon the Earth.
Whether we fly, swim, or live in forgotten glens and hollows
That we are bequeathed by The All Mother to the same rights as MAN
The right to Freedom, to respect
and to raise our young in safety and security
That we are entitled to a secure homeland and habitat
And an adequate food and water supply

Kindred Spirits


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