Thanksgiving – For What???????


I said in a previous post that I did not recognize Columbus Day as a national holiday any more then I celebrated Thanksgiving and for the same reasons. You already know I support abolishing Columbus Day all together and replacing it with an American Native Recognition Day. I also promised a post at a later time as to why I choose not to celebrate Thanksgiving – here is a website that will give you a quick TRUE and REVISED history of the landing of the Mayflower and the subsequent struggle to survive.

“Thanksgiving”: “The untold genocide of the Native Americans”

The Truth About Thanksgiving


I have re-blogged  a post by BROKEN MYSTIC which voices my sentiments better then I could even down to the quote below.

The Truth About Thanksgiving: Brainwashing of the American History Textbook

“Thanksgiving is full of embarrassing facts. The Pilgrims did not introduce the Native Americans to the tradition; Eastern Indians had observed autumnal harvest celebrations for centuries. Our modern celebrations date back only to 1863; not until the 1890s did the Pilgrims get included in the tradition; no one even called them ‘Pilgrims’ until the 1870s.”

So why do I and my family not celebrate ‘THANKSGIVING’

  • First of all as pagans we actually celebrate Harvest Homecoming as we call it and give thanks everyday
  • none of us watch football or play which seems to be the main reason to gather besides gorging ourselves
  • We do gather together as a family; usually the first weekend of the month but in celebration of the final harvest and not to commemorate a celebration of genocide.
  • it is hard to be thankful. As matter of fact, unless you belong to the 2 percent who represent the US ruling class you should not be thankful at all. How can you be appreciative for what you have if you lost your house to foreclosure, don’t have a job and can’t feed your family? How can you be appreciative if you are a homeless veteran? How can you be appreciative when you are poor or sick in a society without social justice?

In rewriting its own history about Thanksgiving, white America tells a Disney-like fairytale about the English pilgrims and their struggle to survive in a new and harsh environment. The pilgrims found help from the friendly Native-American tribe, the Wampanoag Indians, in 1621.

Unfortunately for Native Americans, the European settlers’ gratitude was short-lived. By 1637, Massachusetts governor John Winthrop ordered the massacre of thousands of Pequot Indian men, women and children. This event marked the start of a Native-American genocide that would take slightly more than 200 years to complete, and of course to achieve its ultimate goal, which was to take the land from Native Americans and systematically plunder their resources. The genocide begun in 1637 marks the beginning of the conquest of the entire continent until most Native Americans were exterminated, a few were assimilated into white society, and the rest were put in reservations to dwindle and die.

, On this Thanksgiving day, rich celebrities and politicians will make a parody of what should be real charity by feeding countless poor and homeless. This will ease their conscience, at least for a while. But charity should not be a substitute for social justice. Just to ruin some people’s appetites before they attack that golden turkey: keep in mind that today we are celebrating a genocide


Wars, conflict, it’s all business. “One murder makes a villain. Millions a hero”. Numbers sanctify.
o Monsieur Verdoux (1947); but Chaplin in this line is quoting a far older statement of Bishop Beilby Porteus: “One murder makes a villain. Millions a hero.”


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