Some Traditions Are Worth Keeping

It was just me last  year for the Holidays. I broiled a steak and sorted through some more things in preparation for my trip to North Dakota, I did laundry, took a nap, and set down to write. I’m afraid I didn’t get far on my writings though before I found my mind wondering back to past holidays when Ron was alive and the kids were still home.
We had a few carved in stone traditions when they were little; the first being around Samhain they’d help me go through all their fall and winter clothes and their toys and books and put everything they’d outgrown or didn’t play with anymore in a box which I would then clean and repair if necessary. Since this was also when I’d do my holiday cleaning it was a perfect time for getting rid of the clutter.By the time the house was ready for the Holidays it was decluttered and totally cleaned and we had a very large collection of usable and useful things for donations.

When the baking started I’d prepare double batches of cookies, cakes and candies (1 for us and family get togethers; the other for gifts that the kids gave out to teachers, friends and neighbors as well as hospitals and nursing homes)
After Christmas dinner we’d make sandwiches and plates from the leftovers in disposable containers and take them down to the park or a shelter or somewhere and give them out. Later on we’d gather up anything that had been replaced with something new like bikes, coats and such and drop them off.
When the children got older they did this themselves and eventually made the decision to fore go Christmas presents until January or whenever the taxes came in so they could get what they really wanted – things like lap tops and such when things were on sale but the rest of the traditions they have carried on.


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