Let It Snow


I wasn’t quite ready for winter but it seems to be creeping in anyway – at least here in Northeastern Vermont. Last week the trees were just reaching their peak of autumn beauty and this week they and the surrounding mountains are now mostly barren stretching their skeletal limbs high in the cold night skies to reach the stars in the heavens above.

The bright autumn sunlight fights vallently to stave off the falling temperatures but is slowly loosing its strength as Father Winter comes closer. A few days ago the windows of my car were clothed in a layer of delicate frost and instead of scraping it or running  the defroster like any sane 64 year old woman I in a relapse back to my childhood pulled off my glove and drew pictures on the windows. It was such a lovely memory – until the ice made my fingers numb.

        I watched from my window last night as delicate snowflakes fell in the moonlight and caught myself hoping they would stick like a child hoping for a snow day and even put on my sweater and went outside to try and catch a few on my tongue. Yes Autumn was beautiful and I’m grateful that it is not quite ready to take its leave but Winter has its own special place in my heart like the whole world is slowing down and ready to curl up in front of the fireplace. It’s the season for introspection and family and no one can deny its beauty.

I am reminded of an old song we usually sang during this time of year


Besides the first snow always puts me in a holiday mood.




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