pieces of me


“Within tears find hidden laughter.  Seek treasures amid ruins, sincere one.”  Rumi

I hate to cry.  No.  I don’t think you understand what I am telling you.  I actually despise it.  The big, red nose, the swollen eyes, the waggling chin, the choking sobs, the snot, the whole nasty business of it.  I will go out of my way to avoid it at all costs.  If I hear a movie or book is a tear jerker, I say “no thanks” and then find myself a nice comedy.  And when I feel tears looming, I scurry off to the nearest hole to hide so that nobody has to witness the god awful mess that happens when these waterworks let loose.  When the phrase “ugly cry” was coined, they were actually talking about me.

So imagine my surprise when, several years ago, it became apparent that my daughter, Em, absolutely loves to…

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