The National Park Service Rocks my Socks. Also: CAVES!

on my must see list along with many other spots

Ruins + Relics

Crazy pretty colors! Good job cave. Crazy pretty colors! Good job cave.

such a jaunty sign such a jaunty sign

I have not thus far appreciated the glories of the National Park Service here in the ol’USA well enough. But let me tell you, those glories are bright and shining and well worth praise. Because not only is the US dotted with the spectacular National Parks (of which I will get into in-depth in a post or two), they’re also chock full of National Monuments, Historical Sights, Forests, Natural Landmarks, forever and ever amen (not to mention the State Parks system too. Embarrassment of riches!). There are SO MANY well cared for, well regulated parks, sights, and landmarks in this country, and they will almost ALWAYS have a cafe. That is how I like my nature: with easily accessible bathrooms and a cafe. But I digress. This prolegomenon (how’s that for the most ridiculously overblown word? It means intro) is all…

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