Lilith – First Woman

According to Jewish folklore, Lilith was the first wife of Adam. legends show her to be the magically beautiful first woman to share paradise with Adam, a female “made by god” in a manner similar to how the “Lord” “made” the first male. Here, then, she is the original first woman, an independent and free virgin who would not submit to Adam’s attempts at sexual domination. After leaving both the first male and the prison of paradise she was replaced by a less independent and less equal Eve, a woman not “made” from the Earth but from a rib of the man Adam  to ensure her obedience LILITH IS NOT A DEMON! She was forced out of Eden for wanting rights, the same shit we bitch about everyday. She’s come to be seen as the original feminist icon, cast out of Eden for refusing to submit.

Late in the 20th century she became a symbol of female empowerment, giving her name to Lilith Fair, the traveling women’s music festival organized by Sarah McLachlan.

Upon this Earth

Laid the grass that soils the ground

And fed the creatures of the land.

Up came two beings;

One a man and one a woman

From the ground full of sand.

The man was named Adam.

And then there was Lilith.

In their garden

The two cultivated and rejoiced

Since the moment they did meet.

Until one day

The man came unto the woman

To request she bow to his feet.

He knew no rejection.

And then there was Lilith.

She gave a bent

In her brow as she knew they came

From the same speck of dust.

She uttered quickly

Of her immediate departure

And that it is nothing but a must.

Alone stood Adam.

And then there was Lilith.

The man cried out

As he wished for another wife

To be by his side in his days.

A rib was pulled

From his body and yet came

Another woman waking in the maze.

She was named Eve.

And then there was Lilith.

In the darkness

Stood an angel named Lucifer

Who was stunned by the flee’s beauty.

He then pronounced

That she shall be his by

The end of the night undoubtedly.

Once more he looked.

And then there was Lilith.

He turned around

And he called out to Samael

His messenger of deeds of many.

He proposed

A lesson to teach Adam and Eve.

Samael took a journey of not just any.

Lucifer did so himself.

And then there was Lilith.

Upon the tree

That grew quite large

Perched Samael in the form of a serpent.

He asked Eve

To indulge in the pomegranate

Then to offer to Adam in excitement.

They both did as so.

And then there was Lilith.

The task was done

And Samael escaped but the poor two

Soon realized their fate.

Adam was to hunt

And Eve was to birth the future

Of the race; it was too late.

Lucifer felt the ground shake.

And then there was Lilith.

As she walked by

Lucifer presented himself to her

And in love she instantly fell.

Yet the love

Could not be as she was human

And he was the guardian of Hell.

He stood there quietly.

And then there was Lilith.

Lucifer smirked

And offered a suggestion

That he could turn her into a deity.

He would do so

If she would bear him a son

To take over his kingdom as an entity.

He stared into her eyes.

And then there was Lilith.

She agreed

And Lucifer did so making

Her his queen of the world.

She felt wings

Branch from her back and fangs

In her mouth as they hurled.

A son was now to be born.

And then there was Lilith.

In the garden,

The grass faded away as did the trees

So that Adam and Eve could leave.

Time went by,

The two looked at each other hand

In hand, started to conceive.

Many children were born.

And then there was Lilith.

First came Cain,

Then came Abel, and each a sister

To bear a child together.

However, both

Sisters were fond of Abel

So Cain destroyed his life forever.

He was then exiled.

And then there was Lilith.

She found the man
Drifting the lands for a place to reside

And offered him thus plus a child.

Cain accepted

And lived with her in her domain

While the immortal Lucifer smiled.

Soon came Prince Enoch.

And then there was Lilith.


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