Pictures & Plane Tickets

Happy Halloween, my lovelies!

I love Halloween: the decorations, the scary movies, the good food, the beer, the candy, the dressing-up, there are so many reasons why Halloween is such a fun holiday.

Every Halloween, we always dress up our dogs. Poor things.  😉 Just kidding, they love it, at least that’s what I tell myself. They might not love the laughing that is directed at them, but they love the attention.

Stay Puft {Marshmallow Man} & the Slimer

The Slimer & a Ghostbuster

Ghostbuster & Stay Puft

Shark & Lobster

Shark Attack!!!!

Pumpkin Pug

“Arrrrrrrgh! Matey” My Pirate Pug

She hated that hat…

My husband and I carved pumpkins last weekend. Here’s my work of art:

Jack Skellington

Happy Halloween!

Are you dressing up?

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